Saudi Arabia to reopen borders today, ends entry ban, return to ‘normal’


Saudi Arabia said that Its sea, land, and air will be borders will be reopened Sunday after a ban that lasted two weeks amid fears of a new coronavirus variant, the state news agency Spa reported.

The statement read:

The Saudi Arabia government has decided to lift the precautionary measures related to the spread of a new variant of coronavirus (Covid-19) in a number of countries, regarding the suspension of all international flights for travelers, entry to the Kingdom through its land and sea ports, which have been applied for a week from December 20, 2020 and extended for another week to be ended January 3, 2021 at 11:00am.

- Entry into the Kingdom for non-citizens coming from the United Kingdom and South Africa, as well as from any other country being specified by the Ministry of Health, in which the new variant of the novel coronavirus (B. 1, 1, 7) is spread, shall be provided that whoever wishes to enter shall spend a period of no less than (14) days outside the country in which the new coronavirus variant (B. 1, 1, 7) is spread before entering the Kingdom, with a (PCR) examination after the expiration of this period, proving that he/she is Covid-19 infection-free.

- Citizens who are allowed to enter into the Kingdom for humanitarian and urgent cases coming from countries where the new coronavirus variant (B. 1, 1, 7) is spread, shall be quarantined, pursuant to paragraph (1) above, in their homes under observance for a period of (14) days, with two (PCR) examinations of the first shall be carried out after arrival within no more than (48) hours and the second before ending the quarantine on the 13th day.

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