"Michael Page": A Booming Job Market and High Salaries To be In the UAE Next Year


According to the latest reports of the top jobs and employment site in the world, "Michael Page," "The job market in the UAE will witness a strong recovery and salaries will remain stable in 2022 as a result of the country's successful launch of Expo 2020 Dubai and how the government deals professionally with the Corona pandemic."

Most in-demand Skills in The UAE 2022

Most in-demand Skills in The UAE 2022
The organization started in the "UAE Salary Guide" that the most flexible sectors will include technology, human resources, healthcare, and life sciences next year. At the same time, there will be an increased demand for skilled workers in digital, data, and project management.

This was confirmed by the statements of Jon Ede, regional director for the Middle East at the PageGroup, where he said that "with the very successful launch of the long-awaited Expo 2020, along with the overall positive response of the UAE to the epidemic and other government initiatives, the significant return in market confidence has led to Strong recovery in the UAE labor market."

A Booming Job Market and Stable Salaries in The UAE in 2022

A Booming Job Market and Stable Salaries in The UAE in 2022
He added, "We are certainly seeing more stability or predictability in terms of salary budgets within the UAE. We are also seeing increased flexibility from employers willing to pay more to retain the best talent, and in response, counter-offers to retain key talent. is increasing."

On the other hand, there are some initiatives taken by the state during the Corona pandemic that strengthened the position of the economic market as it spent billions of dirhams to support companies economically. In addition, the easing of preventive measures to counter the spread of the Corona virus helped boost tourism and increase spending, which led to economic recovery.

Last week, a report by Mercer found that employment rates in 2022 will peak, and salaries will rise by an average of 3.6 percent as job demand increases amid the UAE's post-coronavirus economic recovery.

"The signs of growth abound and are evident in the increased hiring activity we saw in 2021 and the positive outlook for 2022," Andrew El-Zein, a career department associate for the Mena region at Mercer, said at the time.

"Employers are prioritizing hires for in-demand skill sets that will support future business growth. However, the talent pool is still developing, which has somewhat caused a talent war."

Mr. Ede said the pandemic had been a catalyst for long-term change in the workforce, as the hybrid business model is becoming more common.

Project Managers Are the Most In-demand Among Professionals

Project Managers Are the Most In-demand Among Professionals
He stressed the need to understand the requirements of employees and seek to find what attracts, motivates, and retains talent, as this affects the strategic aspects of the recruitment process. He added that "project management skills" are the most important currently, as organizations are looking for professionals to help define strategic plans to restore their business after Corona.

"They are also looking for individuals with hands-on experience in implementation to help deliver projects. Adaptable project management professionals are also needed to facilitate the ongoing digital transformation and product development that occurs across sectors."

Meanwhile, 85 percent of Michael Page's survey respondents believe they can perform their tasks or responsibilities remotely.

Remote Jobs .. The Future of Jobs or Not?

Remote Jobs .. The Future of Jobs or Not
The research found that employers are also becoming more willing to work with remote employees, with 50 percent of survey respondents confirming an increase in the number of roles advertised with telecommuting.

Earlier this month, the world's number one professional network, now LinkedIn, found that remote vacancies have doubled in the UAE as companies adjust to changing preferences in the workforce due to the pandemic.

Internet and electricity consumption allowance. When asked whether telecommuting will affect salaries and benefits, 41 percent of respondents in Michael Page's study said they did not see a link between benefits and wages and teleworking. In comparison, 32 percent expected that working from home would receive more specific uses such as a provider.

However, 27 percent said "the cup is half empty" and highlighted the perks and benefits that home-based employees could lose, such as lunch allowances and company cars.

Self. Ninety-eight percent of participants also believe they have the skills needed for the current job market. In comparison, 52 percent have participated in webinars, 57 percent have attended a training course since the beginning of the pandemic, and 84 percent of participants said they identified their skills gap through meditation.

Meanwhile, 47 percent of respondents said they consider moving to work and live in a "dynamic economic region."

About 43 percent said they wanted to move to reduce their cost of living, 37 percent would move to improve their quality of life, such as improving access to health care and community spaces. In comparison, 30 percent wanted to be closer to family and loved ones.

"Professionals have not been looking for a promotion or even a new job, 20 percent said they would start their own companies, and 18 percent would be willing to return to education or long-term training," Michael Page's website said.

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