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Drjob FZ LLC is the fastest-growing job search portal, streamlining your job search and connecting you with top employers who offer full-time and freelance opportunities.

Top opportunities can be found here, whether you're looking for a full-time or part-time job.

Drjob allows you to create your own business brand and select top-rated employers.

By registering and creating a profile, you will be able to search for jobs/projects, create a watch list, apply for jobs, offer bids, and contact your potential employer via text messages.

A diverse range of jobs and lucrative offers - Companies are now posting countless jobs in hundreds of categories and offering competitive pay for the right skills.

Obtain a Monthly Salary or Launch Your Own Business - Drjob is your way to deciding whether you want to be a full-time employee or a freelancer. In all cases, we will assist you in achieving significant career advancement.

Various job categories can be found on Drjob!

There is a high demand for various types of talents. Everything from graphic designers to accountants and content writers is available.

Browse our website to find jobs in various categories. Surf through the job postings/freelance projects to find something that meets your needs. Hassle-free experience- Drjob connects professionals and employers under one platform to simplify project management.

Simplified job search - Drjob’s comprehensive algorithms feature opportunities that match your skills. This will help you get noticed and find freelance projects and full-time jobs!

Rising Talent initiatives - Enjoy the benefits of Drjob's quality stamp. Our pricing and smooth project management process aid in maintaining relationships with top employers.

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Full timer or freelancer: get hired quickly on Drjob

All you have to do is build an impressive profile, apply for jobs if you're a full-time employee, or submit job proposals if you're a freelancer.

A distinct profile is complete, well-written, error-free, and includes a pleasing profile picture.

Your profile must be professional, tailored to the job you're applying for, well-written, error-free, and an accurate representation of your skills and qualifications.

Expand your business through Drjob

Create a brand for yourself by being on point and successfully demonstrating your uniqueness.

Tips from the Drjob:

To be a successful job seeker, all you have to do is the following:

  • Respond to employers right away.

  • Possess excellent communication abilities.

  • Respect their deadlines.

  • Consistently deliver outstanding work on time.

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How does the Drjob platform help me professionally?

The Job Seeker

Drjob can assist job seekers in obtaining their ideal positions in five simple steps:

Surf through thousands of jobs monthly

The first step in obtaining a suitable job is SEARCHING, and Drjob owns a job search engine with thousands of jobs posted monthly in more than 50 different fields across the globe.

Look through the top-rated businesses.

Find and match the best companies in the GCC and around the world. View detailed company profiles from the best research firms.

Compare salaries

Get a free salary evaluation based on your work history and the current job market. Make people aware of your worth so that your payment can be equated to people like you.

Upload your CV … or Video CV!

Impressing hiring managers is dependent on how you present your professional background and experience. By submitting your CV, you will be able to reach HR consultants faster, and Drjob can assist you in uploading a creative video CV to stand out from the crowd!

Apply with a click of a button

Your dream career depends on one click, so what are you waiting for to apply?

The Freelancer

You can submit the work according to the deadlines, and the client will release the funds once the job is approved.

Get paid on time… Every time

DrjobPayment Protection Policy- At freelancer.Drjob, we guarantee that you will be paid in full once you have completed your project through DrJob Freelance.

Our simple invoice creation and payment process on Freelancer.Drjob ensure a pleasant experience for both freelancers and clients.

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