Dubai is the World's First Paperless Government; here's How


According to a statement released on Saturday, Dubai has become the world's first paperless government after successfully implementing the Dubai Paperless Strategy introduced in 2018. 

It was announced via a tweet by Dubai's Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

45 Dubai government institutions have saved more than Dh1.3 billion in paper-related expenditures and over 14 million person-hours since the paperless approach was introduced. 

All-new adventure 

Dubai has been recognized as a worldwide role model for integrated and sustainable smart cities by Sheikh Hamdan's commendation of the teams working across all involved government organizations in the Emirate. 

He also added that they celebrate this milestone with their sights firmly fixed on the future, and they look forward to giving inhabitants of the Emirate a completely digital existence, adding that the next stage would be distinguished by innovative initiatives to build and enhance digital life in Dubai over the next 50 years. 

Dubai's new digital journey would enable and empower future administrations to satisfy the aspirations of citizens of a vibrant, smart city and present them with renewed chances for prosperity, sustainable growth, and happiness, Sheikh Hamdan said. 

Fulfillment of the agreement 

At a summit held in Dubai in 2011, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE's Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced a goal of eliminating paper documents from Dubai's government operations by 2021.  

For all government employees and customers in Dubai, the Dubai Paperless Strategy has been completely implemented, and they will no longer be required to print any paper papers or transactions. Printing is available at service or typing centers. 

a gradual introduction 

Each of the five phases of the Dubai Paperless Strategy was undertaken by a separate set of Dubai Government agencies. During the fifth phase, the Strategy had been fully implemented in all 45 government departments in the Emirate. These companies provide some 1,800 services and 10,500 significant transactions. 

Roads and Transportation Authority; Dubai Police; Dubai Electricity and Water Authority; Department of Economic Development; Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing; and Department of Land and Property were the first six agencies to implement a Paperless Strategy in 2018.  

With eight different entities joining in 2019, the second phase was completed, which saw a total reduction in paper usage of 229.5 million sheets of paper. 

The third phase of the Strategy was announced at the end of 2019 with a new group of nine entities, including the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Dubai Media Incorporated, Department of Finance, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Dubai Culture, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, and the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. By working together, the group saved more than 12.9 million sheets of paper. 

As of March 2020, a new group of 10 entities will be involved in the implementation of the Strategy, including the Dubai Statistics Center, Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, Dubai Women Establishment, Security Industry Regulatory Agency, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Council. The group achieved success by lowering paper use by almost 11.9 million sheets of paper. 

The fourth phase also includes creating the "100% Digital Stamp" project, recognizing government bodies that have made substantial efforts to implement the Dubai Paperless Strategy and deliver intelligent services supported by an internal digital infrastructure. 

Other government bodies, including the Financial Audit Authority Dubai and the Dubai Chamber, have recently signed on to the Dubai Paperless Strategy. Strategic goals for both organizations were met 100% of the time, and more than 938,000 sheets of paper were saved. 

Using the DubaiNow app is a great way to stay 

All citizens of Dubai will benefit from the government's comprehensive digital transformation, which eliminates the need for paper transactions and papers, whether they are given to consumers or exchanged between government workers. More than 130 innovative city services are available through the DubaiNow app, which users may use to access more than a dozen kinds of services.