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Are you searching for job opportunities in Abu Dhabi? Are job vacancies in Abu Dhabi available to foreigners? Can you find part time jobs in Abu Dhabi? How can you start your career in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has a wealth of job opportunities in various industries. The city is the center for political, industrial, cultural, and commercial parks. It boosts the investment by offering developed infrastructure systems and economic reforms.... Read More

Many reputable firms and international corporations have established their businesses in Abu Dhabi, creating many opportunities for skilled professionals. Most of the international companies and branch offices of foreign enterprises are in Abu Dhabi Industrial City (ADIC) free zone.  

Job seekers have a great chance and widely varied options for job opportunities. A job seeker who dreams of working in UAE can work in plenty of full-time, part time jobs, or even as a freelancer through applying by email, online application, or walk-in interviews.

The UAE is a country whose rapid development creates thousands of jobs from entry-level, executive to managerial level within all the seven Emirates; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.


Which are the popular jobs in Abu Dhabi?

  • Driver jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Part time jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Accountant jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Nursing jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • House driver jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • HR jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Pharmacist jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Sales jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Security jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Bus driver jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Light driver jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Office boy jobs in Abu Dhabi

What are the popular industries for jobs in Abu Dhabi?

  • Real Estate industry
  • Construction industry
  • Business development services
  • Travel and Tourism industry
  • Bank and Finance industry
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Manufacturing industry

Oil and gas, and petrochemical industries in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates holds total proven reserves of 92,2billion barrels of oil, making it among the top ten nations by reserve size. The primary income resource in Abu Dhabi is natural resources. The main responsible for all its oil and gas production is Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Top Oil and Gas companies in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER)
  • China Petroleum Engineering and construction corporation (CNPC)
  • Emdad Services LLC
  • Technip
  • TAQA
  • Yas Oilfield services

Browse listings of:

  •  Oil and Gas jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Oil Refinery or Petrochemical Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most fun places to visit, with countless wonderful activities. It's a place of culture and leisure, making it a must-visit among Arab cities. Tourists can find a range of high-end hotels and all kinds of attractions. Abu Dhabi has Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Manaraat Al Saadiyat, Emirates Park zoo, Emirates Heritage Club, Yas Water World, Ferrari World, and a branch of France's Louvre.

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  • hotel Jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Hospitality jobs
  • Restaurant Jobs in Abu Dhabi


Teaching and Education in Abu Dhabi

High salaries, high quality of life, and unique experience encourage professionals from all over the world to work in Abu Dhabi. Teaching jobs are opening up in one of the best cities in the UAE, offering you a unique career development with amazing benefits.

With the countless number of schools, universities, and colleges in Abu Dhabi, there is a high demand for experienced and qualified teachers.

What are the salary range and benefits packages for working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi?

For many schools, contracts are 2-3 years in length and have a bonus of one month's salary per year worked. Contracts may also include benefits like accommodation, flights, health insurance, and housing allowance, visa support, and education allowances for dependents.

You can expect to earn between AED 12,000-20,400 per month as a teacher in the UAE. Salaries tend to be tax-free. Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi is one of the top-paying jobs in the UAE; salaries vary depending on whether you're working at a language school, vocational school/college, private international school, or public school. Salaries will differ from school to school, based on the teacher's experience and qualifications.

What are the requirements to be a teacher in Abu Dhabi?

  • Having a first-rate education system" is identified as a part of the UAE National Agenda's vision for 2021. Consequently, Schools in the UAE require additional demands for their teaching staff.
  • To practice a teaching profession in Abu Dhabi, the applicant must have a qualification of a Bachelor's degree or a 4-year university degree or higher in a relevant field. This rule applies to public/ government schools as well as private schools in the UAE. Other requirements include:
  • A criminal clearance record
  • A medical fitness report from the UAE
  • Original of educational certificates
  • Attested certificates in case the educator has graduated from a university outside the UAE; the certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation and the country's embassy in the UAE.
  • The teacher's licensing system (TLS) will become a requirement for education professionals in the UAE by the end of 2020.
  • You must have at least three years of classroom experience
  • TEFL Certificate; a TEFL certificate will get you noticed by hiring schools in the United Arab Emirates, as most of your students will be learning English as a second language.

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Jobs for foreigners in Abu Dhabi

Working in Abu Dhabi is the dream of many expatriates. Is it yours, too? Then take into your account, despite the high numbers of foreigners in Abu Dhabi, obtaining a more prominent position can be challenging. Dr.Jobs offers useful advice on working in Abu Dhabi, including the job search and working conditions.

For expatriates who decide to relocate with their families and live in Abu Dhabi, there is a vibrant expat community. Abu Dhabi offers a considerable number of Arabic, national, and international schools. There are also reputable universities. Everyday life is effortless and comfortable since there are many malls, markets, parks, and other needed places that facilitate a vibrant lifestyle.

What are the requirements to work in Abu Dhabi?

There are some requirements to come and live in the capital of Abu Dhabi. The main official language of the city is Arabic, and the most used language is English. So, the candidates applying for jobs there shall be fluent in at least one of the two languages mentioned above. Mastering both languages, increase your chance of getting the best job chance with a huge salary.

Other requirements include; High school degree, Bachelor's, or equivalent, soft & hard skills, and experience is also another strong point.

Is there a maximum age for expatriates to get a work permit?

The UAE's Labor Law No. 8 of 1980, as amended, does not specify a particular age to terminate employment contracts based on age or seniority. As per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), the fees for issuing an initial approval for a work permit for those who are 65 and above is AED 5,000 every two years.

Get the right visa

If you want to work in Abu Dhabi, you'll need a work visa. So, if any company employs you in Abu Dhabi, you'll have this type of visa and relocate to the UAE quickly. However, you can search for jobs while you're on your visit visa, and when you get employed, you convert it to a work visa. Here, we'll list the countries whose citizens are allowed to remain in the UAE for 90 days with visit visa received upon arrival:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Also, here is a list of countries whose citizens receive 30 days visit visa upon arrival and can be extended for up to 60 days:

Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, The Vatican.

Remember, when you have got a visit visa, you're only allowed to search for a job, not work. If you're caught working on a visit visa, you'll be jailed or fined and deported. However, once you're accepted for a job, all that you've to do is to support your employer with some essential documents such as passport, and they'll take care of the entire sponsorship and visa process.

2) Get your health and labor cards

While your work visa is on the process, you must:

  • Submit your medical records, visa application, passport copies, job letter offer, and photo.
  • Undergo a blood test to check if you suffer from contagious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C, and Tuberculosis. If you've or carry one of these diseases, you won't be allowed to reside in UAE. Once you pass all the tests, you'll have your health card issued.
  • Contact the Ministry of Labor to issue your labor card. To get it, you have to send your passport photo, employment contract, entry visa, medical records, and your employer's labor license to the Ministry of Labor.
  • Head to Abu Dhabi's General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to issue your residence visa by filling out a form and Providing your passport, medical records, health certificate, original entry permit, passport photos, copy of your labor card, and receipt of your labor card processing.

What are the working hours in Abu Dhabi? 

As per the UAE Labor Law, the working week in Abu Dhabi tends to vary between 40 and 48 hours, depending on the company's policy. Office hours are usually from 8.30, or 9.00 am to 5.30 or 6.00 pm, but some companies also split the working day into two, usually from 8.00 to 1.00 and 4.00 to 7.00. In the month of Ramadan, the working day is reduced to six hours. The working hours may be increased to 9 hours a day for businesses, hotels, and cafes after approval from MOHRE.


What are the widely spoken languages in Abu Dhabi, UAE? 

As a significant expat hub, there are many languages spoken in the UAE; many expatriates speak Persian, Hindi, and Urdu, but English is widely spoken among business people and in expat areas. Yet, the official language is Arabic.

What is the average salary for jobs in Abu Dhabi? 

Salaries vary widely in Abu Dhabi, depending on qualifications and years of experience. The average salary for employees working in Abu Dhabi is around 16,800 AED per month. Salaries range from 2,900 AED (lowest) to 74,000 AED (highest).

What are the other benefits of working in Abu Dhabi? 

Flexible working: with a recent study by International Workplace Group (IWG), finding that 60% of UAE employees work somewhere other than their office at least one day a week. The same study also discovered 52% work away from the office for half the week (or more), while 10% are out of the office for the full five days.

Salary Packages: Besides all salaries are tax-free, they include health insurance and accommodation, transportation allowances, gratuity, annual leave, and flights home. Some employers offer housing allowance and education allowance for expatriates with their families. Moreover, new mothers are entitled to 45 days maternity leave.

Below is a comprehensive list of the latest Jobs in Abu Dhabi. The list includes part time job vacancies in Abu Dhabi, Jobs in Abu Dhabi for freshers, online jobs in Abu Dhabi, freelance jobs in Abu Dhabi, jobs in Abu Dhabi free zone, walk-in interviews in Abu Dhabi. You can also find job descriptions, locations, salaries, and more information to help you start your career in Abu Dhabi. Read Less

UAE Abu Dhabi


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Experience0 Years - 2 Years
Salary Do not disclose

we are looking for staff for our Travel company based in Abu Dhabi UAE. Interested candidates, - must speak Hindi/Urdu - must have customer service skills - persuading skills ...

Posted October 21,2021 Key Skills : Not Specified

Real Estate Agent Premium Job

Experience0 Years - 3 Years
Salary AED 2000 - 4000

We are looking a Sales / Real Estate Agent helps his or her clients purchase, rent, or sell properties. They advise clients about market conditions, conduct walkthroughs, and provide guidance and assistance through the process of buying, selling, or leasing properties. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Property Coordinator Premium Job

Experience2 Years - 3 Years
Salary AED 2000 - 5000

We are looking a property coordinator may work independently or for a property management company. A property coordinator will essentially maintain various properties for various owners. The coordinator may be responsible for finding tenants to fill the homes or apartments, and ensuring the building ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

General Accountant Premium Job

Experience4 Years - 6 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports. Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents. Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Urgently Hiring Registered Nurses & Assistant Nurses for our client in UAE. Experience 2+ years & locally available. Location : Dubai | AbuDhabi | Fujairah | Alain Interested candidates can mail your updated resume to us immd. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified


Experience0 Years - 7 Years
Salary AED 10000 - 15000

Oversee and monitor activities of the workshop team to ensure vehicles are repaired in accordance to established quality and safety standards and within set time frames. Assist the team in diagnosis and related repair operations, provide guidance and recommend training as needed. Ensure repair costs ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience0 Years - 7 Years
Salary AED 10000 - 15000

Oversee and monitor activities of the workshop team to ensure vehicles are repaired in accordance to established quality and safety standards and within set time frames. Assist the team in diagnosis and related repair operations, provide guidance and recommend training as needed. Ensure repair costs ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience2 Years - 7 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Ramada Lubricants Trading is looking for a male mechanical sales engineer with 2-5 years of experience in the GCC. English speaking is a must UAE valid driving license living in Abu Dhabi. Ready to start work immediately a training shall be conducted to sales engineers about the products. Company wi ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Sr. Barista Premium Job

Experience2 Years - 4 Years
Salary Do not disclose

We Need 2 male/female (Filipino Nationality) – Abu Dhabi - this is for Government operated specialty café, visa will be government. The barista is responsible for serving all products with friendly, individualized attention towards each customer. He/she is also responsible for educating ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience0 Years - 9 Years
Salary Do not disclose

As “Digital Marketing & Social Media Executive”, responsibilities would be as follows: Responding to any mentions over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and engage with the social media users Assist with the general day to day administrative tasks. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Security Guards Premium Job

Experience2 Years - 3 Years
Salary AED 2000 - 2700

Security Guards watch, patrol, or monitor business premises, private property, or individuals in order to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules. They also protect property against fire, vandalism, and illegal entry. Guards watch for shoplifters and guard the pick-up and delivery of valuab ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience2 Years - 5 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Construction helper will be responsible for assisting construction workers to carry out a variety of tasks such as tidying up work areas, unloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and executing other tasks as assigned. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Male Nurses Premium Job

Experience2 Years - 14 Years
Salary Do not disclose

We are looking for HAAD/DOH Male SITE Nurses. HAAD License is mandatory. Job Description: Organising workloads Providing emotional support to patients and relatives Tutoring student nursesAssessing and planning nursing care requirements Providing pre- and post-operation care Monitoring and administe ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience2 Years - 5 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Male/Female Candidates can apply. Attractive Salary & benefits. Minimum 2 years Clinical experience required. Candidates must be available in UAE to join immediately. DHA/MOH/HAAD license preferred. Without license can also apply. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience0 Years - 5 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Required garment Gerber CAD operator in Abu Dhabi. we are looking out for a pattern maker. the candidate should have experience in Gerber software version 8.5 and above. he should have good knowledge and experience in drafting patterns marker making net garment construction based on buyers Spec. she ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Data Analyst Premium Job

Experience0 Years - 15 Years
Salary Do not disclose

The ideal candidate will use their passion for big data and analytics to provide insights to the business covering a range of topics. They will be responsible for conducting both recurring and ad hoc analysis for business users. Responsibilities Understand the day-to-day issues that our business fac ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience0 Years - 10 Years
Salary AED 15000 - 20000

To receive customer vehicles for service and repair jobs and raise repair orders in Workshop / Bodyshop. Technically competent to understand the customer needs and requirements and accordingly raise Service Orders. To provide customer support via phone and face to face Take and relay messages. T ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Production Operator Premium Job

Experience1 Years - 2 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Operates and monitor units of machinery in a wide range of chemical products. Qualifications: Age 18-25 years old, adapt to the life of three shifts and two shifts. Hardworking and willing to work in chemical industry. Able to use office software and general automation equipment simply. Basic Comput ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified
Experience2 Years - 3 Years
Salary Do not disclose

Job description are as follows: -Gender for both males or females are ok . -Minimum experience of 3+ years as a leasing agent/broker/officer in the realestate market of Abu Dhabi city . -Must have very strong connections with big government and private companies and entities and also with the oth ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

Accounts Clerk Premium Job

Experience1 Years - 2 Years
Salary AED 2000 - 3000

We are looking for Accounts Clerk With 1-3 years of experience in Manufacturing & Contracting Industry Can join immediately. Applicant must be in UAE Required : Any nationalities Must be attentive to details. ...

Posted Few days ago Key Skills : Not Specified

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