Expo 2020 Dubai: Ministry staff given eight days of leave to attend the mega event


Expo 2020 Dubai-Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs has approved eight days of paid leave to ministry employees so they and their families can visit Expo 2020 Dubai.

Sheikh Mansour also approved increasing the number of volunteers from the ministry at the world fair.

He urged his staff to take part and strengthen the culture of volunteering, which promotes the values of compassion, social coherence, and solidarity.

Sheikh Mansour stressed the importance of supporting the UAE Pavilion at the Expo, which highlights the country’s cultural capabilities and its efforts towards leading globally as part of its leadership's vision to shape a better future for humanity.

He said everyone shared the responsibility of making the international event a success and displaying the bright image of the UAE, by offering visitors a comprehensive experience and attracting their attention to the country’s achievements and leading international stature.

Sheikh Mansour's directives come from his keenness to monitor the event’s activities and workshops, and ensure the implementation of its slogan, "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".

The Expo, which opened on October 1, runs until the end of March 2022.

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Source: The National