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Expo 2020 contributes to identifying the future jobs required for the labor market and the necessary skills and helps plan for the future by developing advanced educational strategies and then graduating cadres ready for a future practical, career, and professional leaps. These are visions of academics about the exhibition, stressing that it achieves many positives academically, not only economically, as some belief.

Dr. Issa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, confirmed that "Expo 2020" is a historic event in the Arab world and the region, adding to the UAE a civilized precedent and achieving a unique gathering in a country that challenges the impossible, races against time, and raises its minds to compete with the developed world, and strives for leadership.

Global in building strategic relations, rapprochement of different cultures, strengthening their ties in human brotherhood, and spreading a culture of tolerance in religion, race, color, and gender.

Therefore, it aims to be a platform where hearts meet, minds converge, feelings interact, ideas crystallize, and humanitarian, scientific, and economic initiatives are launched to advance humanity to a sublime human civilization.

Peaceful and positive side by side between peoples, to build a high human civilization, and to draw a sustainable economic development plan, in which all the peoples of the world contribute.

Expo 2020 Dubai Defines the Jobs of the Future Dr. Job Pro
He says: One of the world's most important aspirations for this event is its brilliant success, given the UAE's reputation for achieving achievements and challenging the impossible.

This great crucible in which the UAE gathers the components of human civilization and advances it to global leadership. Our role is to contribute and participate in the success of Expo 2020, which is a station rich in its development and civilizational components.

All elements of society have a role in achieving the state's economic, societal, and environmental success.

Universities have an active role in achieving success for the event, benefiting from this human demonstration, identifying the future of jobs, skills, and planning for the future, drawing up advanced educational plans, and achieving job creation. The future, graduating cadres ready for future career and skill booms.

Here lies the role of universities in holding introductory and training workshops for these platforms, to introduce the culture of society, the state's achievements, procedures for establishing companies, and other investment opportunities, and to provide economic, cultural, community, scientific and educational advice, in addition to that universities will benefit from establishing partnerships with international universities in various fields, according to the leadership of these universities in their fields, in addition to cooperation in scientific research according to the precedence of international universities, and this has a significant role in achieving economic, environmental and societal sustainability.

There is no doubt that the global experiences participating in a small part of the land of the Emirates contribute to achieving the visions of the UAE 2030 and 2050, and the UAE Centennial 2071 and universities have the lion's share in this civilized system.

Scientific Leap

Expo 2020 Dubai Defines the Jobs of the Future Dr. Job Pro
Here, the lawyer, Dr. Ahmad Al-Kandari, Professor of Civil Law, His View; Where he says: The UAE's hosting of the "Expo 2020" assures everyone that it is the land of opportunities, the home of creativity, cultural diversity, and civilization and that it is a global platform for communication and innovation, and a successful model to be emulated in light of challenges and crises, adding: We undoubtedly prove to the world already, and with achievements, our position and translate our civilization. And as our leaders emphasized that there is nothing impossible in our dictionary and that we are the ones who make history, and we do not wait, this historic achievement confirms that in the UAE and thanks to our wise leadership, one hand is united, in underlining, and drawing distinct marks in our march. I was impressed by the exhibition slogan "Connecting Minds and Making The future."

Hence, the business environment and the media in all its forms must contribute to this active movement, build partnerships commensurate with the level of the event, and spread the message of hope, tolerance, and innovation.

We congratulate our country, leaders, and ourselves on becoming a global destination for content makers and a global platform for innovation. We make the whole world refer to as well, by being very keen on full cooperation, and opening a digital platform for receiving suggestions, exchanging information, and translating them into reality, before the opening of the exhibition, and during its activity until its last day, to prove that it is one of the most successful international exhibitions, for true success does not It is related to space and chronological age, and that we achieve progress with determination and sincere determination and armed with science and values.

There is no doubt that the exhibition is an inspiration in educational aspects, especially after the "Corona" crisis, from how to benefit from e-learning, and communicate with the world on how to develop skills, ways of thinking of our students, developing educational methods, programs that contribute to the development of teachers, and how a school is a popular place.

For students, and how parents can play a positive and influential role. We must benefit from the international experiences that will attend, on how to develop people of determination, benefit from their talents, and encourage them to have a positive role, with interest in solving the psychological problems they face, because the exhibition is a real opportunity to find a shift in everything related to scientific matters.

Foreseeing The Future

Dr. Sarhan Al Muaini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Chess Federation, and Vice President Director of the Sharjah Academy of Police Sciences, defines the importance of the exhibition in Dubai, which has begun the countdown to its launch, in embodying the spirit of success that resides in the hearts of Emiratis. Its key is motivation, urging progress, and creating ambition to achieve the impossible, saying: We feel that daily in the directives of the rational leadership of the children The Emirates, to be satisfied only with being among the first in everything that brings good and renaissance to our beloved country.

There is no doubt that the world before the current crisis caused by the "Covid-19" virus is different from what was before, and here comes the importance of the exhibition, because this historical event will touch the aspects of the life of every member of society, not only economically, knowing that the gains of the previous international "Expo" exhibitions. It was the clearest thing in the economic aspects of countries, but the "Dubai Expo" will leave its great effects on the social, cultural, educational, and media characteristics and will constitute a new human renaissance after the "Corona" crisis, not only for Dubai and the UAE but for all countries of the world, which seeks to take advantage of it.

It is known that the eyes of the world are turning to the beloved UAE, which is one of the most preferred countries for others to travel, work, and establish projects in it, because of its distinguished geographical location that made it in the middle of the world, and the tolerance, moderation and morals that its people carry, which helped in The coexistence and harmony of a large number of different nationalities and cultures, and the role of academics and intellectuals, along with businessmen and economists, in striving and researching, to guide young people and expand their mental perceptions, is highlighted here, And getting out of the form of financial gains, to anticipating the future with its digital and scientific advancements, and launching into new worlds of development, creativity, and harnessing energies, for the good of humanity in general, through seminars and workshops, which we propose to hold, with broadcast and translation into seven international languages, including Arabic, And English, French, Chinese, Indian, German and Japanese, to spread the benefit, and serve as a cultural and academic festival, in which humanity transfers its human experiences to other peoples. To translate these essential inputs to the entire world.

Source: AlKhaleej Website

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