Dubai Real Estate Transactions Touched AED175 billion in 2020


Dubai’s real estate market continued to be attractive to local and global investors in 2020, with the sector recording 51,414 transactions representing a value of over AED175 billion, according to the annual transaction report issued by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The sector was able to achieve a high volume of transactions despite the global COVID-19 crisis and the accompanying precautionary measures that cast a direct shadow on various sectors, affecting individuals as well as public and private institutions and suspending various commercial activities and air traffic for several months. 

The report revealed that real estate sales reached AED72.5 billion with 35,423 transactions, while mortgages recorded 12,958 transactions with a total value exceeding AED87.7 billion, and grants recorded 3,033 transactions worth over AED15 billion. 

The report also showed that Dubai attracted 31,648 new investors who concluded 41,571 investments worth over AED73.2 billion. 

HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of DLD, said: “The data affirms Dubai’s robust investment environment and its ability to adapt to various circumstances, guided by the leadership’s strategic vision to strengthen the capabilities of the emirate’s real estate sector. The release of data on transactions in 2020 is aligned with our transparent approach to keep all stakeholders in the market, especially investors, informed and help them develop investment plans to benefit from the emirate’s investment climate. The 51,414 transactions recorded in 2020 validate the success of the government incentive packages that enhanced the market’s attractiveness and provided several opportunities for investors and developers who were keen to continue construction and deliver projects according.” 

Key nationalities investing in the sector 

There was strong demand for investment in Dubai’s real estate sector from GCC investors in 2020, with 6,704 investors recording 8,659 investments worth around AED14.8 billion. Emiratis topped the list of GCC nationals, followed by Saudis, Kuwaitis, Omanis, and Bahrainis. 

4,388 Arab investors registered 5,283 transactions worth a total value of about AED 7.5 billion. Jordanian investors took the lead, followed closely by Egyptian, Lebanese, Sudanese, and Algerian investors. 

Indians topped the list of foreign investments, followed by the Chinese, British, Pakistanis, and French. Dubai’s real estate market attracted 19,757 foreign investors, who concluded 24,666 investments worth over AED35.6 billion. 

DLD’s statistics also revealed that 10,300 women concluded 11,723 investments worth over AED15 billion. Indians also topped the list of nationalities investing in Dubai’s real estate market, followed by Emiratis. Coming in third was China, followed by KSA, UK, Pakistan, France, Russia, Jordan, and Egypt. 

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