Dubai Customs-Smart Dubai Introduce Integrated Government Resource Planning Systems


Smart Dubai has announced Dubai Customs as the latest entity to join its Government Resource Planning Systems (GRPS), which is already implemented across 72 government departments, benefitting more than 75,000 employees in the emirate. 

The GRPS offers an integrated bundle of secure, standardised, central solutions, and, starting from January 10, 2021, will allow Dubai Customs officials and employees to access more than 40 smart systems and applications. This, in turn, serves to boost productivity and efficiency at the department, streamlining operations, cutting costs, and saving time. 

The Systems allow participating entities to handle all key internal government operations in the financial, logistics, and human resources fields, including salaries, recruitment, financial transactions, supply chain, and asset management. 

“The Government Resource Planning Systems are a creative solution that help drive the emirate’s digital transformation,” said His Excellency Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of Smart Dubai, CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment. “They provide a host of flexible electronic services for government entities and tens of thousands of employees, which helps streamline procedures and conduct operations safely and in record time.” 

“Adding Dubai Customs to the list of entities on the GRPS is a significant step towards embedding these systems across the Dubai Government,” H.E. Al Nasser explained. “Dubai Customs is one of the most important government entities considering the impact its operations have on various economic and service sectors in the emirate. We look forward to adding more entities to the list in an effort to sustain the momentum of government integration in Dubai and boost our efforts to drive the city’s digital transformation.” 

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, said: “We are very happy to be joining the GRPS, which allows us to manage Dubai Customs operations and services more efficiently under the Smart Dubai umbrella. The implementation of such an integrated, secure, and unified government system expedites Dubai’s digital transformation into one of the world’s smartest cities. The new smart system provides our teams easy and smooth access to internal systems and services, saving them time and effort which helps increase our operational efficiency.” 

For his part, H.E. Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, said: “The Government Resource Planning Systems offer yet another successful example of Smart Dubai’s approach where we explore and embrace advanced technologies, and use them to meet people’s needs and ensure their happiness. The GRPS allow participating government entities and their employees to quickly and easily access a host of streamlined services from anywhere.” 

“As always, Smart Dubai relies on its partnerships across the government spectrum to ensure the success of our initiatives. The more entities join in on the GRPS, the more we can multiply and streamline services, and having an influential partner like Dubai Customs is a major step forward in that direction,” H.E. Lootah added. 


Implementing the GRPS is compatible Dubai Customs’ approach seeing as it actively promotes transparency and strives to create a happy work environment, empower employees, and encourage collective innovation. Applied to Dubai Customs’ various departments, the Systems support the Dubai Paperless Strategy all while enhancing business efficiency. 

Smart Employee 

The GRPS allows Dubai Customs’ employees to access the Smart Employee application and the various human resources services it offers. More than55 ,000 employees from 58 government bodies benefit from the newly revamped Smart Employee application, which allows users to access many employee self services and  purchasing requests , any time and from anywhere. 

The application helps managers oversee team members and monitor their attendance at the office to streamline procedures, in addition to features allowing them to approve leave requests, permissions, and purchase orders. 

Smart Supplier 

Suppliers dealing with Dubai Customs can benefit from the Smart Supplier application to easily process transactions, and access various new features and services that are constantly updated. The integration within the GRPS grants Dubai Customs access to a wide base of suppliers registered in the system, and allows it to enjoy an improved procurement process where purchase orders are automated. 

Furthermore, the integration with Tejari’s eSupply Platform allows users to upload price submission applications to Tejari, and import authorised price offers as purchase orders in the Government Resources Planning Systems. 

The Government Resource Planning Systems manage 95% of Dubai Government’s budget and more than 45,000 resources. With 7,000 employees using it on a daily basis for their everyday operations, the systems have saved the Government AED 4.3 billion from 2003 to 2015.