Drjob Poll: 60% of Young People Dream of Working in The UAE


The UAE is a fast-growing global financial and economic center that provides a plethora of good jobs, a glamorous comfortable lifestyle, and a tax-free income, as well as a peaceful community that welcomes people of diverse cultures.

So, it's no surprise that UAE draws expats from all over the world, particularly now as the country is planning to host Expo 2020. The mega event will have substantial positive impacts on the country in all aspect

In this respect, Drjob has conducted a poll on its LinkedIn page asking," What's your most #dreaming #Gulf #Country to #work in?" and the result comes as follows: 60% dream of working in the UAE, 19% dream of working in Qatar, 11% dream of working in Kuwait, and 10% dream of working in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will guide you on preparing for a job search in the UAE that will land you the job you've always dreamt of it.

Tailor Your Resume

Tailor Your Resume- Searching for jobs in UAE
Check your resume before applying for any job to make a good impression on prospective employers. In every candidate's resume, the "location" is the first thing that catches the recruiter's eye.

If you are looking for a job in the UAE and do not have a physical address in your chosen country, you can ask someone you know in this country (friends or family siblings) to use his address in your resume. If you don't know someone who lives there, use your real address but include in your resume that you'll be in the country at a specific time (I'll fly to Dubai next October).

Research The UAE Job Market

Searching for jobs in UAE
Before deciding to work and living in the UAE, you can do thorough research and thoroughly understand the country's laws and regulations. Then you will determine if it is the ideal place for you to work and live. Consider your personal and career growth.

Make the most of the internet to learn far more than you can about your job opportunities in the UAE. After conducting research, you may conclude that work prospects are not particularly plentiful in your chosen industry. In this case, you will have to choose between changing the selected country or the industry.

Think "Where Can I Find Job Openings?"

The next move is to make a list of available positions and places where you believe you may find work. Newspapers are an excellent place to learn about vacant positions. Several job search websites post job openings daily. You must visit search pages regularly to ensure that you do not miss any opportunities. Make a list of all open positions that are a good fit for you based on your qualifications and experience.

Maintain A Solid Digital Presence

Searching for jobs in UAE
Since most recruiting managers use social media to find suitable candidates for their companies, you must have a solid digital presence. Consider how you'd like to be seen digitally and work to define your image – what is your unique selling point. You will market it through your resume, social media channels, and interviews.

Recommendations and digital presence play a significant role in recruiting today because they are excellent opportunities to cut hiring expenses while still discovering the candidate's credentials.

As a result, your reputation and online brand are excellent strength points to attract many job offers.

In this respect, LinkedIn comes as the best professional platform where you can create a professional brand supported by the latest achievements, skills and proven communication skills.

Learn more about LinkedIn:

Utilize "Networking"

Searching for jobs in UAE
Networking is an essential method of obtaining an employment offer from a Gulf country. You may form new connections with prospective coworkers or employers in a variety of ways. LinkedIn is one of the most influential platforms for connecting with experts in your industry and learning from industry leaders in your ideal country. Often networking unlocks the door to highly lucrative unexpected opportunities.

In addition to LinkedIn, there are several other platforms where you can collect data and broaden your information about your dream country.

Be Patient

Searching for jobs in UAE
After applying for so many job opportunities, you've to be patient and wait for the employers' reply.  You can't force them to reply or to hire you. You must have a positive attitude and be prepared for all scenarios, whether you are selected or rejected, particularly if you are a newcomer.

You'll get a job sooner or later, but all you've is to be persistent and never lose hope.

Sharpen Your "Virtual Interview" Skills

Searching for jobs in UAE
Post Covid-19, the world becomes "virtual," so it's expected that your first interview will be either by text messages, phone, or a video interview. Remember that video interviews are not the same as face-to-face interviews, so be organized, dress appropriately, sit in a quiet room, join on time, and do research to figure out how you can nail the interview.

How can you make sure that a job offer from the UAE is genuine?

The number of fake job offers has recently increased significantly, owing to the increasing numbers of internet users. If you receive an offer from any firm, please focus or pay attention to the following to determine if it is a valid offer:

  • Have you been through an online interview with the firm that gave you the offer? Please keep in mind that no company submits a verified offer letter without an interview or other evaluation form.
  • Companies use their brand names in their domains, so ensure that the company's email has an official domain, not a yahoo or Gmail one.
  • Fraudsters will ask for upfront payments before signing the job offer, which will never happen with reputable recruiting agencies as employers already pay their fees.
To make sure that your job offer is genuine,

  • Reach the company directly to ask about the job offer.
  • Try to reach the company's recruiters on LinkedIn.
  • If you find it a fake offer, mark the email sender address as spam and spread the word on social media platforms so that you could warn other candidates who may get deceived
So what are you waiting for?! Make your dream come true, improve your life, find a job that perfectly suits your qualifications, and gives you what you deserve in terms of lucrative income, luxurious lifestyle, rapid career growth, and many more.