Amazon Plans To Open 1,500 New Jobs In The UAE


Amazon plans to hire 1,500 workers in the UAE this year, together with their families, to assist the country's push towards a digital economy.

This expansion will improve the company's service by increasing customer satisfaction and community relations while decreasing delivery times.

Amazon is stimulating job creation by expanding its distribution center storage capacity by 60%, making a wider variety of items available to customers.

Amazon will have enough storage capacity in the UAE by the end of 2021 to keep 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools' worth of merchandise for its customers.

In addition to helping new businesses to grow, the expansion will also increase employment by creating different positions for sellers and delivery partners. To extend its coverage and facilitate more deliveries, the firm has added four new delivery stations to boost its overall size by 70 percent.

To meet our customers' desires, we are growing our operations to supply products and services to UAE residents everywhere and whenever they want them. Amazon's Middle East and North Africa director of operations, Prashant Saran, explained, "Our expansion is supported by our investment in the UAE's burgeoning digital economy as we continue to put money into people, process, and technology" (Mena).

We are thrilled to help the UAE's talent reach their full potential as we shift our innovative approach to serve our clients better. Our workplace promotes growth, learning, and enrichment, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on safety. "Amazon's investment shows our long-term commitment to the areas in which we operate," stated Saran.

The business has a lengthy history of adopting ground-breaking technologies to help its staff and ensure they remain safe while satisfying consumers. Amazon's foray into the UAE offers many work possibilities, which allows the nation's talent pool to advance in its careers.

New, upgraded facilities and the closure of existing ones will make up the bulk of the UAE's operations growth. This will offer a better experience for Amazon's consumers. Amazon's promise to establish a sustainable business as it continues to expand across the area anchors it.

In the UAE, the Amazon network comprises two fulfillment centers, eight delivery stations, three sorting centers, and a delivery service partner network. Amazon's ongoing growth in the UAE is predicated on the health and safety of employees, customers, and partners. The company's logistics network has already altered more than 150 procedures and invested more than $11.5 billion globally in 2020 on projects connected to Covid-19.