Top Salary Sites to Research UAE Market Salaries


All of us have heard 'What's your expected salary?' Someday, and this question is also part of every job interview as employers hire according to their budgets (how much they will pay and how much they will gain from your skills).

Therefore, when you find that you've secured a job with your excellent resume and communicated your professional expertise, don't be afraid to discuss the salary. Nevertheless, if you are mindful of competitiveness in your sector, do not go above the boundaries when talking about compensation.

The biggest mistake you can make when negotiating a pay deal is not being prepared for negotiation.

Here are some salary sites to research your research UAE job market salaries in 2021. Hence, you discuss your desired salary effectively without being afraid of losing the opportunity to offer what you expect.

Payscale is one of the top salary sites that allows you to select a city, years of experience, and add your skills and education to get your market worth with a report tailored to you.

It's a global salary survey website where you can select the salary country, level, gender, educations, years of experience, age, field, career, job type, city and get a personalized salary report based on your selected criteria. It helps you learn what percentage of employees earn less or more than you to compare your salary with others.

It's a comprehensive job platform where you can find & apply for jobs, read efficient career tips, and draw your successful career. Regarding salary ranges, Drjob offers you salaries for the most popular jobs, and salaries classified by employer, role, years of experience, and city. Drjob allows you to directly contact recruiters and employers to get all the details you need while job searching.

Drjob also offers personalized salary calculators to receive a custom salary estimate based on your title, company, location, and experience. Drjob calculates your worth using millions of salaries and current job openings relevant to your preferences.

The Cooper Fitch Salary Guide represents the change in market-rate salary ranges for

recruits across the region. Its data is based on several sources; successful assignments, undergoing appointments, daily interaction with hiring managers, and mid to senior-level executives across the region. Cooper Fitch tracks the latest insights and trends in salary ranges.

Salary explorer offers you a monthly salary book and a list of best-paying jobs. You can also customize your search depending on your preferred industry, country, years of experience, job level.

 It also offers you tips on salary negotiation, saving, salary increment letters, and more.

Finally, Salary negotiation can be as easy as ABC if you research your industry salaries, consider extra benefits, understand where to end the discussion, and document all your agreements.