Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most expensive yet fascinating cities in the world. Dubai's employees always look for a proper job covering their basic living needs, including food, rent, education, healthcare, shopping, etc.

When it comes to financial security, the Highest-paying Jobs should be at the top of your search list. Whether you're a Dubai resident or planning to move there and now searching for the Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai 2023, this article will be your ultimate guide that makes it easy.

Below, you can find all the essential information about the Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai. To learn more about them and get ready to be hired.

The Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai 2023 – with Salaries

1- Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai

The perfect marketing techniques could enhance any brand/ company and boost its rank among its competitors.

Currently, the scope of work in the marketing sector has expanded widely, with the power of social media, influencers, and other digital marketing companies. Here comes the marketing executive role, responsible for promoting and branding the business.

As a Marketing manager, you work on the brand strategies to maintain and develop the product/service.

It's your role to direct and manage the entire marketing team according to your marketing strategies (digital and offline plans).

That's why being an executive marketing officer is one of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai.

Marketing Manager Salary Range In Dubai:

Marketing manager salary in Dubai ranges between AED 19,000 and 61,000 *

2- Supply Chain Manager

 Supply Chain Manager - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
Supply Chain Managers manage one of the most important aspects of any business; an accidental mistake can cause significant financial problems! This job is critical to a business's success.

As a supply chain manager, you'll oversee all product movement elements (from distribution to storage). Hence, being a supply chain manager is one of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai.

It may require a degree in business or finance in addition to years of experience in related roles. Moreover, having an excellent knowledge of supply chain processes, strong communication, and project management skills could give you an advance to get in this job.

Supply Chain Manager Salary Range In Dubai:

Supply chain manager salary in Dubai ranges from AED 20,000 to 65,000 *

3- Judges

Judges - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
The judge profession requires wise, extensive reading and deep knowledge of the laws. It is one of the most critical jobs; as a judge, you make decisions that affect others and society.

You need more than attending Law School to become a judge; you have to work articling and clerking to get the required experience before rising to this prestigious role.

As a result, Judge is on the list of highly paid jobs in UAE, yet in the whole world.

Judge Salary Range In Dubai:

Judge salary in Dubai ranges from AED 29,000 to 81,000 *

4- Public Relations Managing Director

Public Relations Managing Director - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
Public Relations Managing Director will handle clients' matters and build strong communication and the most effective relationships with others.

This role is critical for all brands; a PR director is responsible for maintaining a good and optimistic reputation in the market.
This position also demands wise decision-making and efficiency. To become a public relation director in UAE, you should have years of experience in media and PR.

Public Relations is one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai, UAE, due to PR managers' dedication and commitment to the role.

PR Manager Salary Range In Dubai:

PR manager salary in Dubai ranges between AED 16,300 and 53,400 *

5- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
The Chief Financial Officer position comes with significant responsibilities and pressures. It has to maintain the business' financial system. Financial managers must deal with risky matters, including accounting, investment, losses, and profits.

This position requires high decision-making skills, depending on a deep understanding and analysis of the company's financial graph. Consequently, it comes among the highest-paying jobs in Dubai, UAE.

CFO Salary Range In Dubai:

CFO salary in Dubai ranges from AED 23,200 to AED 72,100 *

6- Bank Directors

Bank Directors - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
A bank director has a wide range of responsibilities with handling significant investments and managing economic predictions, in addition to large loans and managing their branch.
If you're looking to become a Bank Director, you need to gain more financial experience and leadership skills besides having a degree in economics and finance.

The Bank director position comes with many benefits; it's also considered one of the high-paid jobs in Dubai for females more than males.

Bank Director Salary Range in Dubai:

Bank director salary in Dubai ranges from AED 16,900 to 55,400 *

7- Senior Engineers

Senior Engineers - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
Engineer is among the most in-demand jobs in Dubai, UAE. Engineering is one of the most promising fields in Dubai.

This position focuses much on the technical aspects of any construction project, whether it's a mechanical, electrical, AI, civil, petroleum, or plumbing engineer.

You need at least 20 years of experience to work as a senior engineer, besides your educational qualification in the same niche.

Senior Engineer Salary Range In Dubai:

Senior engineer salary in Dubai ranges from AED 16,400 to 35,600 *

8- Doctors

Doctors - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
Doctors spend +6 years in education before they practice, in addition to the experience they gain from scholarships and training. All these factors make them qualified professionals to care for people's health.

Doctors are considered among the highest-paying jobs in UAE 2023. Yet it might differ according to the specialty, such as Surgeons, Psychologists, Cardiologists, and Neurologists.

To practice as a doctor in Dubai, you must undergo a lengthy registration and licensing process. Yes, being a doctor is never easy, but it's a well-rewarded job, especially in UAE.

Doctor Salary Range In Dubai:

Doctor salary in Dubai ranges from AED 18,500 to 87,900 *

9- Business Analyst

Business Analyst - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
It is one of the most sought-after positions in many companies from different industries, as this profession helps them plan and manage their business effectively.
Business analysts work to understand how the company operates and measure its performance to put an effective enhancement plan.

Their role includes analyzing data, understanding customers' needs, and developing innovative strategies to meet those needs.

Moreover, seeking a data analysis job in Dubai, UAE, ensures a high income. It's one of the most demanding jobs in Dubai, making it a high-paying job.

Business Analyst Salary Range In Dubai:

Business analyst salary in Dubai ranges from AED 12,600 to 41,200 *

10- IT Manager

IT Manager - Highest-paying Jobs in Dubai
It's not just about Information Technology; IT managers are also involved in setting up IT departments, organizing new structures, and supporting, developing, and testing policies and procedures. This role has different complex responsibilities that require at least 12 years of experience.

It means that it's not easy to get high-paying jobs in Dubai with no experience! If computing isn't your major study field, you can find various online courses and channels to learn more and start your career path in this promising field.

This profession is among the highest salary jobs in Dubai, UAE because it's mostly in high demand in many companies and organizations worldwide.

IT Manager Salary Range In Dubai

IT manager salary in Dubai ranges From AED 14,100 to 35,800 *

More Jobs in High Demand in Dubai, UAE.

Many professions are in high demand in UAE, including lawyers,Human Resource Officers, Cybersecurity, Teachers, Social Media Marketing, and many others.

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