UAE Green Visa |  A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers and Expats


The United Arab Emirates, where bright lights and vibrant cities are the address of luxury and life with full potential. Here is everything you need to know about the UAE Green Visa for the Emirates. So, that you can live and work in it without obstacles.

What is The UAE Green Visa 2023

The UAE Green Visa is a new visa that allows citizens of some certain countries to visit the UAE for up to six months without needing a sponsor or prior employment.

Citizens of Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States are eligible for the visa.

The visa allows for multiple entries for up to six months and is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

The visa is valid for various purposes, including tourism, education, and employment. You may also check The UAE Job Seeker Visa

UAE Green Visa

The Requirements of The Green Visa in UAE

1) A valid passport with at least 6 months validity is required.

2) a valid return ticket.

3) Must have a UAE residency visa.

4) Income verification is required.

5) Proof of relationship to the person residing in the UAE is required.

6) Proof of health insurance is required.

7) A deposit of at least EUR 5000 in the designated bank account.

8) A completed application form is required.

9) Two recent passport-size photographs are required.

10) Must be able to provide credentials and documents supporting the purpose of the visit if the immigration department requests them.

How Can Holding The UAE Green Visa Change My Life?

Holding a UAE Green Visa can provide numerous benefits, including visa-free entry into the UAE, access to a wide range of employment opportunities, the ability to open a business there, and greater financial freedom.

The UAE Green Visa also entitles you to an impressive array of government-backed facilities and services, contributing to a higher living standard.

The UAE Green Visa Benefits

1. Tax Advantages

The UAE provides attractive tax advantages; personal income, capital gains, or inheritance tax do not exist. This puts more money in the hands of working-class people and businesses.

2. Excellent Infrastructure

The UAE has first-rate infrastructure, including excellent roads, telecommunications, power, and utilities, as well as ports, airports, and medical facilities. All of this makes investing and working in the UAE easier than ever before.

3. Political Stability

The UAE has enjoyed general peace and stability since its inception in 1971. The country is now home to leading businesses, individuals, and professionals from all over the world seeking a safe, secure, and stable environment.

4. Dynamic Economy

The economy of the UAE is diversifying and modernizing. Oil reserves are depleting, forcing the country to look for new revenue streams in industries such as tourism and service providers such as IT and logistics.

5. Tax Incentive Programs

Companies establishing themselves in certain UAE-free zones can receive up to 100% tax exemptions on import duties, property rents, corporate income tax, capital gains, and other levies.

6. Life Quality

Living in the UAE can be an extremely rewarding experience. Apartments and villas are precious and well-equipped. There are numerous leisure and recreational facilities, as well as attractive parks and beachside areas, all of which contribute to a beautiful quality of life for families.

7. Experienced Workforce

The UAE has an experienced, hardworking, and extremely capable workforce, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors and businesses.

And the cheery on the top; the good salary. Know more about the salaries in the UAE

What is The Cost of a Green Visa in The UAE?

The cost of a UAE visa depends on the visa type and the stay duration. A visit visa typically costs between 500-2000 UAE Dirhams (AED), depending on the length of stay. A transit visa typically costs 160 AED, and a multiple-entry visa costs AED 2,000.