Dubai Ranks First In Employee Take-Home Pay


Based on The National News daily:

According to a new report, Dubai topped a list of cities around the world where high-income residents earn the most take-home pay after tax and social security obligations.

The emirate allows high earners to take home their entire salary, the PwC UK report, shared by the Dubai Media Office on Monday, said. The report measured cities based on the take-home pay of employees.

The PwC survey interviewed married people with no children who pay social security in the country where they are tax residents. It also considered annual income brackets of £250,000 ($347,495/Dh1.3 million), £500,000, £1m, and £2m to calculate the take-home pay of employees.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Florida, and California round out the top five global territories or states where high earners take home the maximum pay after deductions for tax and social security obligations, the report found.

Other international destinations where high earners enjoy sizeable take-home pay include New York and big European cities such as Germany, Spain, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, and Italy.

More than half of UAE residents said they moved to the country to boost their income and a fifth of them said their salaries doubled when they relocated to the Emirates, a 2018 HSBC study found.

The study surveyed 22,318 overseas workers around the globe, including around 900 in the UAE.