Work Visa in Dubai; Requirements, Processes, and Fees


Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for jobseekers from all over the world. It's where you can find significant business opportunities, quality lifestyle, world-class infrastructure, tax-free income, and plenty of factors to work and build a better career. However, one essential thing you need to have before starting your journey; is a Work Visa in Dubai.

A work visa in Dubai is your legal way to reside and work in Dubai, UAE. This article will tell you about Dubai work visas, their requirements, processes, fees, and more. Get ready! Dubai is waiting for you.

Work Visa in Dubai

How to Get A Visa to Work in Dubai?

If you dream of working in Dubai, then you need to get a Dubai work permit or a work visa first to become an employee in the emirate legally. A work permit is an entry document to be issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the UAE. Once you have this permit, you'll be allowed to enter and work legally in Dubai (for a specific time.)

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the UAE issue employment visas to skilled and qualified professionals, technicians, technical experts, or senior executives hired by Dubai-based companies/organizations. In short, when moving to Dubai, you must get a residence visa, on which your work permit will be listed.

Types of Dubai Visa

As a foreigner in Dubai, you must get an entry visa to enter the UAE. There are many types of visas and entry permits, including:

  • Entry Permit
  • Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Multiple-entry Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa

Dubai Work Visa Requirements

Work Visa in Dubai - Requirements
1-Your original valid passport with a photocopy.
2-Passport-size photos.
3-Copies of your academic qualifications. (Authorized by the UAE Embassy or consulate in your country, as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country)
4-Copies of your birth certificate (and marriage certificate, if applicable).
5- An Emirates ID card
6-A medical certificate from a government-approved health center in the UAE.
7-An entry permit from the UAE Ministry of Labor
8-Proof of accommodations in the UAE, such as a copy of a lease agreement.
9-The company card or commercial license of the company hiring you.
10-Proof of payment of the application fee.

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Processing Time to Get A Visa to Work in Dubai

Work Visa in Dubai - UAE Embassy
The UAE government takes around 5 working days to give your work permit in Dubai (after you submit your application and bring all the required documents).

Yet, you need to know that the employer in Dubai is the one who is responsible for obtaining the visas and permits for its foreign employees. It is also required to pay visas cost and fees.

The process for getting an employment visa in Dubai is as follows:

1- The employer applies to get the Ministry of Labor's approval to hire a foreign employee.

2- Get an entry permit visa from the Ministry of Labor that allows the employee to enter Dubai and stay (for 30 days).

3- You will be able to travel to Dubai, and once you arrive, you have only 60 days to get a residence visa in Dubai.

4- The employer applies for a work permit (the labor card)

5- You get an ID by visiting an Emirates ID service center with your valid passport and entry visa.

6- You go for a medical examination in a government hospital.

7- Apply for a residence visa through the immigration authorities.

8- Prepare all required documents and bring them to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD).

After obtaining a residence and work permit, you can start staying and working in Dubai.


Employment Visa Price

  • Category 1: AED 300
  • Category 2: AED 500 to AED 2000, depending on whether the worker is skilled or unskilled
  • Category 3: AED 5000
  • 2 years employment Visa Dubai Price 2022 ranges from AED 3000 to AED 7000
Prices are according to some online sources. *