Top 10 Tips to Find Your First Job as An Expat in The UAE|


Working abroad is everyone's dream- but not everyone's reality. So, how can you get your job as an expatriate? The following ten tips will guide you to the right way.

The internet makes it easy to discover new countries, cultures, and job markets that make everyone have a dream destination to work and live in; undoubtedly, the gulf jobs are among the most in-demand jobs among Arab and foreign professionals.

So, as an expat, how can you get a job in such competitive job markets with hundreds of qualified professionals? How can you dive into the deeps of an unknown world where you do not know anyone? And how will you begin?

Well, this blog will give you ten top tips to find your expat job abroad in many ways; whether you want to join startups or international companies, some preparation will help you in achieving your dream efficiently.

Top 10 Tips to Find Your Expat Job in The UAE

Search For Overseas Opportunities

Search For Overseas Opportunities
The first step to putting your foot in your target country is to search for companies that have offices around the world.

You may have one of them in your current location so you can apply, get a job there, and know more about the company's culture, required qualifications, and more.

This approach may be old, but it helps a lot when seeking an international job.

Moreover, some companies hire overseas competencies, so you must list your target companies and do your homework. How?

By understanding what skills and education they need, learn the target country's language, and do your best to show how you'll be the right fit for the position.

Take into account your employer's viewpoint as well. You might hit the mark sooner than you expect if you can convincingly establish yourself as the only effective employee.

Utilize Your Excel Sheets

Utilize Your Excel Sheets
It will not be enough to list your target companies, and a goal without a plan is just a wish. So, you have to order your companies into an excel sheet and set columns for everything you'll need to stand out: typical qualifications, unique qualifications, education, skills. You also have to understand their benefits and salary ranges to decide if relocating is worthy or costly.

In other words, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is your "keyword" while looking for expat jobs abroad.

Build Your Networks

Build Your Networks
"Favoritism" has made a new look, and it's now known as "networking." Networking will be the easiest way to find a new job abroad. If you're that kind of a hopeless introvert, then you're losing 85% of the job market available vacancies. Through networking, you can be the first to know about the open vacancy before spreading the word regarding it.

So, it's essential to know how to reach and contact people working in your target companies, especially recruiters. Please don't be shy to get in touch with anyone; as long you do it professionally, networking will open many doors for you.

Contact Recruitment Agencies

Contact Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment agencies aim to fill in competency gaps, and they are often more familiar with the regional recruitment landscape than you are; you have to take advantage of that. Look for international recruitment agencies with experience in your field and the best ones with expertise in hiring expats.

These agencies are more familiar with the leading corporates in your field, so being recommended by these agencies is a testament to the validity of your qualifications.

Registration is usually free, and these companies can be a valuable way to help you identify the ideal companies for you.

Arrange Your Documents

Arrange Your Documents
Moving to another country requires a valid passport, visa, attested certificates, and other documents. So, don't forget to check all your papers before moving on. It is also worth contacting the employees of the target companies and asking if the company has any special requirements regarding the documents.

Learn The Language

Learn The Language
It's globally known that English is the standard business language. Yet, when it comes to competing local talents, professionals should know how to speak the country's native language. In UAE, for example, Arab professionals have an advantage while selecting for some positions.

It's a strong point, even if the recruiters don't mention that explicitly.

As a proactive step, if you're familiar with the Arabic language, you can send an Arabic copy of your CV. Hence, the recruiter understands that you are aware of the country's language.

Just ensure proofreading it by a specialized native speaker so you can avoid even minor errors.

Adjust Your CV

Adjust Your CV- Expat Jobs
As you adjust to the new country's culture, you should adapt your resume to the country's local market. If you are looking for a job in the UAE market, for example, your CV should be constantly updated, add only one job title (or a maximum of three related titles), configured to comply with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and be a Maximum three pages. Most importantly, your resume answers the recruiter's question: What makes you a perfect fit for the company's culture?

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Utilize the Power of Social Media- Expat Jobs
We live in an age of digitization. People are digitally searching for everything related to their lives, especially recruiters.

Recruiters use social media platforms to search for candidates or check for digital job applicants.

So, you need to maintain a robust digital presence with a unique personal brand.

This brand must convey your exceptional talent, unique strengths, and adaptability to all cultures.

As a first step, you need to ensure that your existing social media accounts are free from anything that might harm your professional reputation. A professional LinkedIn account should be created as your digital CV where recruiters can see all your qualifications and achievements.

Connect with industry leaders, create valuable content, and show off your unique abilities that help you shine.

Send Cold Emails to Your Prospect Employers

Send Cold Emails to Your Prospect Employers-expat jobs
Cold emailing is vital to finding an international opportunity. It hasn't to be scary.

Use Google to search for CEOs, managers, and employees of your target companies. Usually, many companies hire employees because they show their eagerness to join the company. Write a promotional email marketing you as a professional in a sector, and customize it according to each company you send.

Your email can address a problem the company is facing and how you plan to solve it. This costs some effort, but it pays off.

Visit Your Dream Work Country on A Visit Visa

Visit Your Dream Work Country on A Visit Visa
Having a chance to test the waters while being on-site is excellent. If your dream country is the UAE, try to book a 3-month visit visa to visit the country, apply to jobs while in it, and discover more about its job market.

Before arriving, you can contact your relatives or friends working in the UAE and inform them that you'll visit it looking for a job. Some of them will help you by guiding you on how to start, some will recommend you for open positions at their companies, and others may help you get in touch with professionals in your field who may assist in unlocking some secrets of getting a job in your field.

This approach will show how you're dedicated and committed to your dream of getting an expat job abroad and will help you be among the first applicants if any opportunity becomes available.

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