Top 10 Reasons Why People Can Not Find Jobs In Dubai


Are you one of those who came to Dubai on a visit visa to work, but you've failed? Do you live in Dubai now looking for a job hopelessly with no job interview invitations?

Have you ever thought about why you didn't find a job in Dubai while others do? How could you shine among others in such a competitive job market in which two days aren't the same?

This write-up includes all the most common reasons and mistakes that may stand between you and your dream of getting a job in Dubai.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Can Not Find Jobs In Dubai

By avoiding the following mistakes, you'll easily find your dream job in Dubai.

Applying for Jobs While Being In Your Country

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Applying while being outside the UAE is one of the common mistakes that people make. Dubai's job market is very dynamic during the last few years. Experts and competencies are everywhere in the city, awaiting an opportunity to attend a job interview and showcase their experience and skills, so why they'll hire you while being away?

The option of getting an "overseas job offer" is out-of-date. Don't stay and think that you'll receive a visa and flight ticket while being in your country.

Due to the high level of competition, the hiring process has almost entirely evolved over the years. So, if you want to find work in Dubai, you must be in the UAE on a visit visa to increase your odds of being employed.

Selecting Inconvenient Time to Visit Dubai

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The most important reason for failure is selecting an inconvenient time to visit Dubai. When it comes to recruiting, career experts strongly advise you not to visit Dubai during January, May (Ramadan), June (Eid Al-Fitr), July, August (Eid Al-Adha), and December (Christmas/New Year).

As a result of these events, the recruiting process becomes slow, so it's better not to waste your 3-months visit visa during these months. For job seekers, the best months to visit Dubai are February, March, April, September, October, and November. These are the best months to look for a job in Dubai.

Using A One Resume Template for All Jobs

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Searching for "Your industry"+"Resume Template," downloading, and replacing your details will never get you a job in Dubai for two reasons: companies now depend on the ATS software to weed out unqualified candidates, and they receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. So, do you think you'll shine among others while using a template used hundreds of times before?

While looking for a career in Dubai, whether full-time or part-time, having the proper resume and cover letter would make you stand out from the crowd.

Stick to Applying Online Only

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One of the most common mistakes that job seekers make is focusing only on one channel called submit resume online. Once they arrived in Dubai, job seekers start their endless journey of asking the repetitive question of "what are the best job search websites in UAE?". Then they select three to four or five to seven career search websites, where they submit their resumes regularly and stay waiting for receiving interview invitations.

Then nothing happens; they start complaining, accusing the job portals of being scams, and some waste the 3 months believing that it's a matter of destiny and they've done their best. I strongly advise you to build a profile on various social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, which are considered effective job-hunting tools.

Reaching The HR by Mail Only

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The majority of job applicants are ignorant of the significance of getting in touch with the recruiter directly. Every day, hundreds of work seekers send their resumes via email to apply for a job opening.

Moreover, receiving many resumes raises questions and concerns about how to find the best fit among a large number of Resumes.

So, reaching the recruiter personally through LinkedIn will give your resume a boost and distinguish you among others.

Always be creative during your job search.

Ignoring The Power of Social Media

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No one should overlook the importance of social media for job seekers. It's a perfect channel that links businesses with their potential employees.

According to a study, 92 percent of recruitment specialists use social media platforms like LinkedIn and other social media sites to find exceptional talents before posting the job ad online.

Create a stunning profile on LinkedIn and provide all of the required details. Join dynamic pages, communities, and threads about employment and professions. You would be astounded to see the improvements in your job opportunities. If you haven't started yet, there might be another explanation why you're not getting job interviews or offers.

Inadequate Planning for a Job Interview

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Inadequate interview skills can cost you getting the job. Recruiters may be disappointed for various reasons, including not researching the company, not being aware of the job responsibilities, ignoring the interview dress code, etc.

Based on exerting some effort and researching, you can sparkle and persuade the recruiter that you are the most qualified candidate for the position. So, before going to an interview, make sure you've prepared well.

Applying Randomly for Jobs

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One of the top reasons for not finding jobs in Dubai is applying randomly. Job seekers get attracted by the enticing pay, housing allowance, visa fees, travel tickets, and other allowances and submit their resumes blindly without paying attention to the required experience and qualifications for the position.

It's human nature, but it's a harsh reality that will never get you an interview invitation. So, this mistake will cost you getting a job as you waste your time applying for the wrong positions. This mistake is common among job applicants who are impressed with the pay package and are dissatisfied with their current situation of being unemployed.

Having No Reference Persons

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Having references is what's called now "networking." Over time, connections have become increasingly important in obtaining a job in Dubai. Companies now seek to post jobs online as a last option after conducting an internal search among their employees.

So, they choose applicants for specific jobs based on references. Having a career today can be incredibly difficult for many job seekers, given a lack of networking. So, it would help if you built high-quality professional relationships to ensure getting the best opportunities.

Seeking Scam Recruitment Agencies or Fake Job Portals

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With the increasing number of internet users and job posting availability to all people, you may be a victim of job website scams and fake job offers.

If you seek recruiting agencies or job portals to get a job in Dubai, you must be extra vigilant. There are hundreds of agencies/portals with a fraudulent mindset and began their company to defraud hopeless people, whether they are unemployed or working. Almost all the time, the employer is the one who has to pay the hiring fees.

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To wrap things up,

Searching for a job is a job itself. You've to do your homework and prepare for the journey by arriving at the right time, doing sufficient research, tailoring a catchy resume, applying for jobs that meet your qualifications, networking, and getting ready for the job interview. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you will successfully find jobs in Dubai.

Wish You All Best of Luck!