Salary Certificate Attestation in the UAE: Process, Requirements, and Fees


The salary certificate is a document that verifies an individual's current salary. Although having a salary certificate is given, getting it officially recognized and authorized can be a separate process.

Attestation of a salary certificate may become necessary in domestic and foreign situations. This article sheds light on the reasons behind attestation, the procedure involved, the requirements, the associated fees, and the process of attesting a salary certificate in the UAE.

What is a Salary Certificate?

What is a Salary Certificate?
A Salary Certificate is a document that certifies your current employment salary. This certificate, which is provided by the HR department of your organization, contains vital facts about you, like your name, job title, duties, start date, overall pay, and other pertinent information.

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While the certificate by itself may be sufficient in some situations, there may be others, especially in the UAE, where attestation is necessary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation must formally recognize and approve this attestation process (MOFAIC).

Purposes of Salary Certificate Attestation

Purposes of Salary Certificate Attestation
You may wonder why attesting a salary certificate is necessary. The attestation process serves to verify the authenticity of a document and its seal and signature.

There are various reasons why you might require attestation of your salary certificate, such as:

Submitting tax returns in your home country; Securing a mortgage or loan from financial institutions outside the UAE; Enrolling your child in a foreign school; or Relocating to another country.

Necessary Documentation and Costs

Necessary Documentation and Costs
When seeking attestation of your salary certificate, there are specific documents and fees required, including:

  • A non-laminated original salary certificate
  • A copy of your passport featuring a valid UAE residence visa
  • a copy of your employment contract may be necessary if your salary is below Dh10,000.
  • A fee of AED 150 for attestation services.
It's important to note that courier fees may also be necessary. Additionally, your Labor Contract may be requested in certain situations.

Procedure for Obtaining Salary Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Obtaining Salary Certificate Attestation
The Customer Happiness Centre was responsible for salary certificate attestation in the UAE. Still, now these services can only be accessed online through the MOFAIC website or the MOFAIC smart app.

Here is a simple guide to follow when applying for salary certificate attestation via the MOFAIC website:

  1. Access the MOFAIC website and log in using your UAE Pass.
  2. Select "Individual Services" and "Attest Official Documents and Certificates."
  3. Click "Start Service."
  4. Pick your preferred courier service.
  5. Fill in the details of your attestation request, including choosing the option to attest your salary certificate and uploading the necessary documents.
  6. Make the required payments, which currently include a fee of AED 150 for attestation services and potential courier fees.
  7. After successfully submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS with a reference number.
  8. Wait for the courier service to collect your document, and once attested, it will be delivered to your registered address.
The typical processing time for salary certificate attestation is three working days, but this can be expedited to one working day if you opt for the "express" option.

  • An Alternative Method of Obtaining MOFAIC Attestation
In addition to the MOFAIC website, you can apply for salary certificate attestation through the UAE MOFAIC Mobile Application. This convenient app can be easily downloaded from either Google Play or the App Store. Log in and follow the on-screen steps to complete your attestation request.

Steps to salary certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Steps to Attest Salary Certificates in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • The Chamber of Commerce will take the first step in the attestation process.
  • Then, the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will perform a thorough authenticity check.
  • Finally, the salary certificate will be attested by the UAE embassy in the country of origin, provided that all prior departments have done their part in the attestation process.

How Much Does It Cost to Attest Your Salary Certificate in UAE?

The cost of attestation of salary certificates might change depending on the organization offering the service. For an affidavit, typing services like IVS charge Dh30, and for an attestation, Dh54. It could also be necessary to pay a Dh50 courier cost. Several institutions, including the Chamber of Commerce, provide the attestation service without charge.

Wrapping up,

As you can see, getting a salary certificate attested in the UAE can be relatively straightforward and hassle-free, provided that you follow the necessary steps with due diligence.

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