IT Jobs in Dubai | Types, Skills, Duties, and Average Salaries


The UAE is fast becoming a global technology and innovation hub. It witnesses substantial changes due to rapid technological developments. The country has seen a significant rise in tech startups in the past few years, driven mainly by the government's initiatives. Suppose you are already an IT professional looking for long-term growth or a tech enthusiast planning to make a career in this domain. In that case, you must understand the skills businesses seek to fill positions. Get Ready! From developers to cyber security experts, here's an ultimate guide to IT Jobs in Dubai.

IT Jobs in Dubai

Top IT Jobs in Dubai

IT Cyber Security

This role requires you to monitor and analyze digital systems to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. You'll also need to develop strategies for dealing with them as these solutions cross your company's network.

It means that you'll be responsible for managing your organization's information security policies and procedures as well as overseeing its overall compliance with international standards. You may also be responsible for developing new processes and procedures based on your industry's best practices or emerging technologies such as blockchain.

The average salary for IT Security jobs in Dubai is: AED 26,100/ per month*

IT Project Management

IT Project Management
As an IT Project Manager, you are responsible for keeping a project on track and ensuring it's completed on time, to the client's specifications, and within budget. You're responsible for ensuring that all resources (people, equipment, and materials) are available when needed.

This role can vary depending on what type of work you do, but generally speaking, it will be involved the following:

- Planning projects from start to finish
- Managing budgets
- Hiring staff; locating tasks within them
- Assigning deadlines for each stage of the project

Project managers' salaries vary depending on their experience level and where they work, but as a rule of thumb, expect to earn between AED 16.000 and 30.900/per month if you have +5 years of experience.*

Network Administration

Network Administration
Network administrators are responsible for maintaining a company's computer network. They work with various hardware and software tools, including routers, switches, firewalls, and antivirus software. Network administrators can manage the cloud services that a company uses to store data remotely.

Network administrator roles include:
- Configure servers to improve performance or add functionality.
- Monitor network traffic to identify potential issues before they become problems that affect users' ability to access resources online (e.g., websites).
- Troubleshooting issues related specifically to servers rather than general connectivity problems between devices on different networks within an office building - some duties between these two types of work are due mainly because most companies have multiple locations across UAE where employees need access simultaneously.

Network administrators' salaries vary depending on their experience level and where they work, but you can expect to earn between AED 8.550 and 16.100 per month.*

Technical Support Specialist

Technical Support Specialist
This position requires a bachelor’s degree; if you are a good fit, you will answer frequent questions about software and hardware, set up equipment, fix computer issues, and train users. 

Technical Support Specialists need to have a firm grasp of many kinds of software, including database interface programs, development of environment tools, and operating system software. 

According to BLS, positions in this field are growing at a 9% growth rate through 2030. The average monthly payment for Technical Support specialists in Dubai is AED 19.000.*

Software Development

Software Development
Software engineering role is often highly sought-after in Dubai. As a software engineer, you are responsible for designing and creating new software applications or programs that businesses or individuals can use.

You must have strong problem-solving skills and an aptitude for mathematics and computer science concepts such as algorithms and data structures. You may work on enterprise applications, operating systems, and network control systems, all examples of software that can help businesses scale their IT infrastructure.

To get a software developer job in Dubai, you need a bachelor's and a master's degree to become an expert in software development and maintenance and practice skills in technical problem-solving, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and programming languages.

The average salary range for software engineers is AED 19.900 per month.*

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Here is also a partial list of some of the notable specialties within IT:
Database Administration
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics Engineering
Systems Analysis

Apart from the position title, all IT professionals must possess soft skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, excellent communication, and relationship building.


The IT careers in Dubai are diverse and exciting; you can find many different roles that match your skill set. There are also many benefits to working in this industry. For example, a software developer position might be perfect if you're looking for a job with flexible hours or one that allows you to work remotely! Additionally, several IT opportunities are available for those who wish to advance their career by taking on additional responsibilities within their organization or moving up into management roles later.

* All salary ranges are according to *