How to Search for a Job in UAE on a 2-month Visit Visa?


Search for a Job in UAE- "I got bothered by working here, and I want to start a career in UAE, … !" Your inner thoughts

Then, you start browsing your Facebook friends list, Instagram followers, and LinkedIn connections.

Sending a message to everyone living and working in the UAE asking for an opportunity there

If this scenario is familiar to you, then you must have experienced one of these conclusions:

1- Deep Silence (your massage has been read & you didn't receive a reply)

2- Advice of relocating to UAEon a visit visa and starting looking for an opportunity yourself (because employers contact those who are already living in the country only)

Let's start from here! (You have followed the 2nd advice, and you now got your visit visa to UAE)

How to Search for a Job in UAE on Visit Visa?    

Start While Being in Your Country

Start While Being in Your Country
UAE's job market is saturated with expert leaders and highly talented professionals in almost all sectors. So, a plan is advisable to get your first job there easily.

Study the job market, list your dream companies, and connect with professionals in the same industry and working in UAE so you can learn more from their online activity.

Register and upload your CV on top job search portals in the UAE, like Dr.Job.

Do your homework in advance to streamline your job search journey on the 2-month visit visa in the UAE.

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Timing is Key

Timing is key-
While job opportunities in UAE are available year-round, it is recommended to strategically plan your visit to increase your chances of securing a job. Summer months can pose challenges, as temperatures can reach a scorching 50 degrees, making it difficult to travel between interviews during the day. Additionally, many recruiters and employers take vacations to cooler destinations during the summer, reducing the number of available job openings.

To increase your chances of finding a job in UAE, it's recommended to travel between October and February. These months have more job vacancies available, and you will have more time to network and reach out to potential employers.

Invest in A Polished Resume and Cover Letter

Invest in a polished resume and cover letter- Search for a job in UAE
A well-crafted resume and cover letter are crucial components in your job search in UAE.

Seeking a professional CV writer will be very helpful in getting a job faster in the UAE since almost all big companies have that ATS recruiter who filters the resumes before they reach the recruiter's inbox.

This will help you save more time, money, and effort.

Establish A Daily Goal

Establish a daily goal- search for a job in UAE
Searching for a job is a job, so you have to set a daily target for yourself, including your every day job applications, LinkedIn connections, and recruiter's contacting.

Searching for a job in UAE is not only about clicking the "Apply Button"; read the job descreptions carefully and tailor your CV and cover letter accordingly.

Search for the recruiter online and send him a personalized message informing him that you're interested in that job opening and would be happy if he could arrange an interview with you.

It's all about your "persistence"!

Stay Professional

Stay Professional- Search for a job in UAE
Maintaining a professional approach throughout your job search in UAE is a must.

Being desperate because you lack time will harm your professional reputation.

So, stay confident and professional to leave a good impression and convince the recruiters.

Availability for Interview

Availability for Interview
Inform the recruiter of your availability during the duration of your visit visa.

Mention the following information: Visa Status: Visit Visa, Expiring on X-X-2023.

Provide Your Home Country Contact Information

Provide Your Home Country Contact Information
If your visit visa has expired, include your home contact details, such as phone number and email address, in your CV and cover letter.

Sometimes employers may be interested in interviewing you even if you are out of the country, so It is important to provide all contact methods to streamline reaching you.

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Utilize the So Many Walk-In Interviews

Utilize the So Many Walk-In Interviews
Walk-in interviews are a great way to get your first job in the UAE since most big companies hold them while being in a hurry for bulk hiring.

You can know about the UAE walk-ins by following reputed job search websites and social media accounts like Dr.Job.

Or you can also get connected with as many recruiters in the UAE on LinkedIn.

And sometimes, you can hear the news about the walk-ins from some of your friends or other professionals looking for an opportunity in the UAE like you. Here comes the importance of networking and building relationships.

Seek Your Professional Network

Seek Your Professional Network
"it's not what you know, but who you know".. this is how things work in the UAE.

When hiring, recruiters first ask the employees inside their companies if they have some referrals or good professionals to recommend. They seek LinkedIn search, and the last resort is posting the job opening online.

So, having a solid professional network and an excellent digital presence will help you get a good job opportunity in the UAE.

Adhere to proper follow-up procedures & Thank You Letters

Adhere to proper follow-up procedures & Thank You Letters
Following up can be challenging, but it is essential to securing a job in the UAE.

Don't hesitate to ask the recruiter by the end of the interview when it's expected to receive feedback from their end.

Mention when your visit visa will end and ask if you can receive a reply before it ends.

Things You Should Know About the UAE's 2-month Visit Visa

Things You Should Know About the UAE's 2-month Visit Visa
How to Obtain a UAE Visit Visa for Job Searching?
You'll find all the details required on the official portal of the UAE government!

How to Transform your UAE Visit Visa into a Residence Visa
You must locate a sponsoring employer to change your UAE visit visa to a resident visa. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the relevant emirate where you will reside will accept the employer's application for a residence visa.

The application fee is determined by how long your visa is valid. One, two, or three years may pass between renewals of the residence visa.

The residency visa provides several advantages, including creating a bank account, working for a company, using government health services and health insurance, enrolling in public or private schools, getting a driver's license, and traveling to many nations without a visa.

What If I Didn't Find A Job During the 2-month visit visa duration?
If you don't get a job within the 60-day validity of a UAE visit visa, you must either extend the visa or exit the country. Overstaying the visa will result in daily fines of 100 AED starting from the second day, increasing to 200 AED on the third day, and beyond.

Residents who overstay with an expired residence visa will face a fine of 125 AED on the first day and 25 AED per day after that.

P.S. it is not allowed to work in the UAE with a visit visa. A working or residency visa is required to work in the UAE.

How can Dr.Job help you find a job in UAE?
Dr.Job can assist you in finding a job in UAE by providing you with a platform to search for job openings, create a professional profile, and apply for jobs that match your skills and experience.

Additionally, Dr.Job may offer resources such as resume writing tips, interview preparation guidance, and salary comparisons to help increase your chances of landing a job in the UAE.

You can also receive alerts for new job postings and connect with employers and recruiters directly through the platform.

By utilizing all of the features and resources offered by Dr.Job, you can simplify your job search and increase your chances of finding the perfect job in the UAE.