How to Get a Job in Dubai; 5 Easy Steps to Get Hired


Dubai has a lot to offer its residents: a fantastic lifestyle, generous salary packages, better careers, tax-free earnings, world-class health care, 7-star hotels, global entertainment, great beaches, etc.

People from different countries around the world dream of getting a job in Dubai. Whatever the reason, if you wonder How to Get a Job in Dubai?! Here are five steps to get the best of Dubai opportunities.

Dubai opportunities - How to Get a Job in Dubai

How to Get a Job in Dubai? Your Step-by-Step Guide

1- Adopt a Targeted Approach

To find a job in Dubai, you must adopt a targeted approach. Not all job markets in Dubai are ready to bounce back after the global financial crisis. You might find success in specific job markets, including:

- Software and Technology
- Human Resources
- Hospitality
- Banking
- Consulting
- Teaching

All these sectors are performing great, and salaries are expected to continue to rise. Yet, it would help if you moved to Dubai first, then applied for the openings. It's not that easy to get an "overseas job offer."

Choose a market related to your skills-set or educational background and get ready to apply for its job opportunities in Dubai.

If you're planning to get a job in Dubai, you must head to Dubai.

It's possible to enter the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa for your job search, but once you get your job offer, you need to transfer your visa to a work visa.

Remember: apply only for the roles that you are qualified for. Pay attention to the required skills, experience, languages, education, professional qualifications, and specific regional expertise.

Here is absolutely where you should begin. Learn how to write a representable resume and update your online profiles. Overall, you should have a targeted job search plan.

Adopt a Targeted Approach - How to Get a Job in Dubai

2- Building Relationships

Do you want to access the best job opportunities in Dubai?! Recruiters in Dubai are your magic gate to the best employment in the region.

You should build a relationship with one or two of the famous recruiters in UAE. They will not only help you to find a job in Dubai, but also they'll support you in getting promotions in the future.

Contacting the recruiter personally through LinkedIn profiles or emails will give you a boost and distinguish your resume from others.

It will also make him/her remember you and recommend you for other job opportunities in the future.

Building Relationships - How to Get a Job in Dubai
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3-Adapt your CV for each and every job application

Applying with the same resume will never get you a job in Dubai for two reasons: many recruiters now depend on the ATS software to filter candidates. They receive hundreds of resumes every day.

So, what will distinguish you from others if you use the same template used hundreds of times before?

Having an updated resume and customized cover letter would make you stand out from the crowd and make it easy for you to get a good job in Dubai. You need to find 2:5 fit roles in the companies you want to work for, then make sure your resume and your application hit the mark!

To make sure that your resume is well-optimized for the Dubai market, start by downloading an ATS-friendly CV template and start checking the following:

  • Name and contact details are right at the top of the page.
  • A space for a one-line description of your role that can be adapted for each application.
  • A professional profile section that focuses on what you can bring to the part and NOT on what you want to get out of it.
  • A core competency or selected achievements section is evidenced with facts and figures.
  • Remember: you need to take a little more time on each job application; it's a quality-over-quantity approach, and believe me, it works!
update resume - How to Get a Job in Dubai

4- Use Online Hiring Platforms

Many companies in Dubai hire through headhunters. Working with an agency is very common and may consider one of the best ways to get a job in Dubai.

Yet, you can get a better vision of which companies are hiring now in Dubai, start looking at some online job sites, and which positions they offer.

Moreover, HR specialists head to social media platforms like LinkedIn and other social media channels to find potential talents before posting the job ad online.

You may consider creating a professional profile on these platforms and providing all the required details.

You may also join some of their dynamic pages, communities, and threads and check the recruitment pages of Dubai companies.

Apply online- How to Get a Job in Dubai

5- Check Major Companies Websites

You may consider visiting the websites of the major companies in Dubai (related to your skill set and qualifications) and checking their "Join Us" pages for open vacancies.

Once you find your dream job, it's worth applying directly through a company's website.

You may also consider having references/networking.

Dubai Companies now seek to post jobs online as a last option after conducting an internal search among their employees and their networks.

Some of them choose applicants for specific roles based on references.

 Check Companies Websites - How to Get a Job in Dubai
Remember: hiring in Dubai tends to be seasonal; most employments in Dubai occur from January to March, September, and October.

It almost wholly stalls during Ramadan and Summer.

Do everything carefully and be patient. It requires time to find a good job anywhere, not just in Dubai.

The excellent news is that Dubai's job market is always fresh and offers a lot.