Document Controller Job Description in UAE


A Document Controller Job Description in UAE includes filing, numbering, sorting, and retrieving documentation accurately. A document controller organizes and manages documents and files for teams, departments, and projects. They effectively support dedicated projects or departments. Therefore, A document controller should be familiar with the technology of the industry/department to update documents as necessary. It's one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE, recently.

However, a document controller may also take on additional responsibilities based on industry needs. This article will answer your questions about Document Controller Job Description in UAE, roles, responsibilities, qualifications, average salary, and more.

Document Controller Job Description in UAE

Document Controller Job Description

It's also called "Document Manager," which is responsible for maintaining, organizing, and updating documents for a specific project/ team. As a document controller, you will use document management software to upload or scan paper documents, retrieve saved documents, and ensure document storage to comply with laws and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities

This job required daily tasks that are frequent and critical, including the following:

  • Create systems to manage documents.
  • Ensure that all documents are reviewed and up-to-date.
  • Print and distribute copies as needed.
  • Handle files across different departments.
  • Conduct audits to ensure records are being followed.
  • Train other employees on how to use and access the documents.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other teams.
  • Follow company procedures
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive documents and terms of agreements.
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Skills and Qualifications for Document Controller Job

Qualifications for Document Controller in UAE
  • Bachelor's degree in business, project management, or a relevant field
  • Very detail-oriented and data organization skills
  • Analytical skills and ability to come to conclusions
  • Time management skills
  • Typing and editing skills
  • Ability to follow procedures exactly
  • Incredible organizational skills
  • Microsoft office suite skills
  • Can work independently without much guidance
  • Ability to communicate with other teams and departments
  • Knowledge of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
  • Proven work experience in a Document Controller job or a similar role

How to Become a Document Controller

To become a document controller in one of the leading companies in the UAE, you work on obtaining the required qualifications and skills.

A Document Controller career path starts with completing your bachelor's degree or attending a business or project management course/diploma.

However, you have work experience in a relevant role, such as an administrator, office manager, or IT technician. In that case, you can apply directly for a Document Controller Job in UAE.

All you need to do is to approve your skills and ability to learn and work. Your employer may offer to help you by providing further training / academic courses to become more efficient and fit for the position.

How to Become a Document Controller in UAE

Document Controller Salary Expectations in UAE

A Document Controller in the UAE makes an average of AED 9,040/per month*. Document Controller salaries range in UAE from AED 4,340 to 14,200 depending on education, experience, skills, and geographical location.

The salary range is according to*

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To wrap things up, to be a Document Controller in UAE, you should have excellent time management and organization skills, familiar with different document management systems, including DocuWare Cloud, Sharepoint, and Rubex. In addition to fast typing skills and attention to detail.

A Document Controller is more on leading teams, project management, setting up systems, arbitrating, and clarifying Document Control issues.