Banking Jobs in Dubai; Qualification, Salaries, and Career Tips


The banking and financial services sectors are among the most in-demand jobs in Dubai in 2023. Whether you are fascinated by money and finance management or enjoy budgeting and spreadsheets. You may consider Banking Jobs in Dubai to make use of your auditing and accounting skills in a developed city like Dubai, the UAE.

The best part about Banking Jobs in Dubai is that you can choose from various job titles and banking roles. In this article, we'll dive deep into the banking sector in Dubai; to learn more about banking jobs' descriptions, required qualifications, average salaries, career tips, and more.

How to Get Banking Jobs in Dubai

How to Get Banking Jobs in Dubai
Dubai has always been a preferred destination for bankers to work abroad. It's not about interacting with clients daily or assisting with financial services such as moving money, setting up checking and savings accounts, and authorizing loans. However, working as a banker in Dubai will demand to counsel clients on different banking products and services.

A banker works closely with clients to fulfill their financial needs, including discussing their primary saving goals, providing advice, and helping them choose the best solutions.

To succeed as a banker in Dubai, you must be able to resolve banking issues quickly and communicate effectively.

Top Requirements for Banking Jobs in Dubai

1- Bachelor's degree in Finance, commerce, business administration, banking, accountancy, or any
related field
2- Holding a relevant Master's degree is an added edge.
3- Sales/customer service/negotiation experience is preferred.
4- Perfect knowledge of retail banking rules, practices, and regulations.
5- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, banking databases, and other relevant software programs.
6- A work experience certificate will boost your chances of winning the job.

Requirements for Banking Jobs in Dubai

Essential Skills to Get a Banking Job in Dubai

1- Soft skills, including multi-tasking and time management, with the ability to prioritize tasks.
2- Superb mathematics skills.
3- Accounting and problem-solving skills
4- Ability to work over-time and under stress
5- Ability to meet deadlines and targets
6- Ability to make quick and sound decisions
7- Organized and punctual

Top Banking Jobs in UAE

There are various banking job titles and roles to fill in the one that suits you the most. You always have the chance to move to higher-paying positions by gaining much experience, especially if you can further your education and skill set.

Best banking careers fit based on your interests, skills, and education level

1-Financial Analyst: to help businesses or individuals make the right investment decisions.

2-Personal Financial Adviser: to help individuals manage their savings to meet their short/long-term goals.

3-Relationship Manager: to develop and maintain customer relationships.

4-Accountant: to analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income.

5-Auditor: review accounting records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations and state laws.

6-Branch Manager: to oversee operations, including hiring and training staff.

7-Loan Officer: to help clients identify and apply for different loans, from mortgages to personal loans.

8-Bank Teller: to manage cash checks, accept deposits, and process account withdrawals.

9-Treasurer: manage organizations’ finances, objectives, and goals.

Best banking careers

However, which is the best career banking?

It totally depends on your personal interests and goals; if you are working for a good income, you might target the highest-paying jobs in banking, which include management or analysis. While if you dream of getting a foot in the door in this sector, you might consider entry-level positions such as a bank teller or clerk, which could lead to advancement to other roles in the future.

Banking Average Salaries in Dubai 2023

What you can expect from a banking job depends on your role and previous experience. For example, Bank tellers tend to be paid less as this role requires less education and experience. In contrast, advanced functions such as accountant, Analyst, auditor, or branch manager typically require higher education and, of course, higher salaries.

The best-paid Banking Jobs in Dubai jobs require advanced education, vast experience, and the ability to ensure compliance with complex legal requirements and government regulations.

However, if you work in a Banking job in Dubai, you expect around AED 23,500 per month. Banking salaries range from AED 6,800 (the lowest average) to AED 49,100 (the highest standard)

Salary ranges are according to *

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Some specific qualifications and requirements must be fulfilled if you want to obtain a bank job in Dubai, Yet, there’s another way to enter the banking field if you don’t have the required qualifications. You can start working at the clerical level while you continue working on your education and skill set by attaining relevant courses and diplomas.

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