8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE


When it comes to "dream jobs," UAE" shines as one of the preferable countries to work and live for all people.

So, before saying "I dream of working in the UAE," you've to fully recognize that besides your qualifications and experience, which are vital to kick start a career in any job market, there's a new kind of "informal recruitment" where you've to utilize your relationships with LinkedIn connections, friends, or even your neighbors to get your dream job.

Building more relationships with more persons can do miracles. In addition to browsing the top job portals and applying directly for jobs, you've to sharpen your "networking" skill.

So, there're persons you can easily get in touch with and may have the power to bring you a job.

It is essential to keep in touch with those persons even though you are not actively seeking a job.

So, who are these people who can assist you in those as mentioned above 'informal recruitment process?

Hiring experts in the UAE have shared a list of 8 persons who can help you get your dream job in the UAE, which includes those who can hire you directly and those who can recommend you.

Hiring Managers

8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE- Hiring managers
Finding hiring managers on LinkedIn is not a challenge since you can find them by browsing the "Jobs" section as there are hundreds of job listings every day. The real challenge is: "How to get in touch and receive a reply from them?"

You also have to maintain a robust digital presence; you've to show off how you're an exceptional talent who has the experience and skills required to get hired in top brands who are searching not only for talents but also for company cultural fits.

HR Specialists

HR Specialists- 8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
Getting in touch with the first person who will interview you before meeting your direct manager is vital while searching for a job.

Sometimes, keeping in touch with the HR specialist is the main reason behind being invited for the interview.

To keep in touch, try to engage with him on LinkedIn without asking for jobs. That will make him remember your name if there's an open vacancy that meets your qualifications at his company.

Past and Present Coworkers

past and present coworkers- HR Specialists- 8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
Your new and past coworkers will be of great assistance to you. If you are looking for a job in a specific industry, you will benefit, and it will place you in contact with other professionals in the same industry.

Past and New Coworkers Are Excellent Resources for Networking.

As they've worked with you before and know your skills and attitude, they will recommend you if they find any suitable vacancy. They are your "word-of-mouth" ad. Your previous manager is not an exception. He may receive a job offer that he finds not ideal for him but ideal for you, so he'll recommend you if you've got a good relationship with him.

School/University Colleagues

School University Colleagues- 8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
You may be out of their sights, but you should never be out of their minds. In today's world, the internet makes it easy to reach your old friends and university colleagues. That will help you boost your career life.

Once getting graduated, people start their new lives forgetting their colleagues and ignoring the importance of staying in touch with them. Get in touch with them now. Who knows? Maybe one of them is just starting his companies and looking for qualified candidates. You'll also find some of them who became recruiters.

Reach Out Your Neighbor

Reach Out Your Neighbor-8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
You may be very occupied with your own life, but being your neighbor's friend doesn't not only broaden your social network but may also benefit you professionally.

It may be strange! But your next job opportunity might be one door away. Get in touch with neighbors whenever it's possible.

Reconnect with Your Friends

Reconnect with Your Friends-8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. Although career specialists always highlight the importance of "networking" and building "professional relationships," your friends are a good source for job opportunities. They can spread the word that you're looking for a job, offer an opportunity, or recommend you for any open position that matches your qualifications.

Utilize your social Apps like WhatsApp or Instagram to post a nicely written status that you're open to new opportunities. This will spread the word and lead to fascinating opportunities. Be professional while asking for a job, and don't beg it. The position will come sooner or later, so maintain a high level of professionalism to maintain a solid digital presence.

Parents of Your Child's Friends

Parents of Your Child's Friends - 8 Persons Can Help You Get Your Dream Job in UAE
Excluding your child's friends' parents while searching for a job means missing many opportunities. You can meet some of them daily while picking your child up from school or at parents' meetings or events. Get to know more about their jobs and let them know about your experience and that you're open to any new opportunity.

Your Doctor

No one enjoys going to doctors, but we all have to go to the hospital occasionally. The good thing is that recruiting managers, human resources specialists, and recruiters get sick as well. The bright point is that your doctor can recommend you for many talent hunters in a day, and the more recommendations you get, the more job opportunities you'll receive.

Bear in mind that you have to leave a good impression on every person you meet because this person may be your key to get the job in UAE by spreading the word about you and guiding you on how to start in such a competitive job market.