5 Golden Tips to Get English Teaching Jobs in Dubai


English teaching jobs in Dubai are among the highest-paying and the most in-demand positions in the UAE due to the diversity, innovation, and development of the country.

Dubai is where people with different cultures and backgrounds come for various purposes like tourism and work. If you’re looking for English teaching jobs, it’s the best destination for you.

Here’s an ultimate guide for you on how to find English teaching jobs in Dubai.

“How can I find English teaching jobs in Dubai?”

English Teaching Jobs in Dubai

1- Collect information

Before looking for English teaching jobs in Dubai, you have to collect information about many stuff.

First, read more about the types of English teaching jobs in Dubai, different schools, and work nature.

For instance, there are private, language, public, and international schools in UAE. There are also opportunities of teaching English to families.

It’s essential to know about the UAE culture and ask yourself if you can adapt to it or not, as your comfort comes first.

2- Build a strong digital presence

Our modern job market depends mainly on candidates promoting themselves online. A lot of people find great job opportunities through their blogs and Youtube videos.

Take a step and create your blog. It would be great to give teaching and tutoring tips to other instructors out there. Furthermore, guiding English learners through your blog will make you famous in this field.

Moreover, shooting lessons and posting them on Youtube can help a lot of students out there and make popularity for you at the same time.

3- Widen your network

To get English teaching jobs in Dubai, you have to increase your connections with other teachers and recruiters. Therefore, it will make you more well-known in your field.

It will also help you get more experience and explore more of the English teaching world. Be friendly and introduce yourself to other teachers. Don’t forget to exchange experiences with them and enrich each other.

Recruiters also pay attention to an online existence, promoting your work on job search platforms and showing them your best.

4- Apply on Drjobs.ae

Mentioning job search platform, we have to talk about Dr.Job.

Dr.Job is a prominent global career platform. It helps employees find the best job matches and get hired.

You can find hundreds of English teaching jobs in Dubai on Dr.Job, which gives you the freedom to choose whatever suits you best.

Build your resume through our tools, and apply for the various jobs.

There’s also a messaging feature that helps you connect directly with recruiters, making it a smooth experience.

5- Get your visa

Getting a visa is an essential step for getting English teaching jobs in Dubai. There are specific procedures to take to get access to working as an English teacher in Dubai.

First, work permit approval permits you to enter the UAE. Your employer should take this procedure by applying your papers to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Second, a residence visa allows you to live in Dubai and create a bank account, in addition to other services provided for you. Your employer is also responsible for the paperwork for it.

Third, a labor card, this one permits you to teach English officially in Dubai. Your employer will help you through the paperwork and getting this visa.

Finally, your school will require a five-year background check from you, as it’s an official procedure the UAE government takes with teachers.

“What are the requirements for getting a teaching job in Dubai?”

English Teaching Jobs in Dubai
  1. A credible passport
  2. A bachelor’s degree in teaching
  3. TEFL certification
  4. Previous teaching experience
  5. Native English fluency level
  6. A clean criminal record

“Why should I look for English teaching jobs in Dubai?”

English Teaching Jobs in Dubai

1- The weather

Say goodbye to cold weather or the feeling of frozen feet. UAE is sunny 365 days a year. You will be enjoying sunbaths and swimming whenever you’re free.

2- The salary

As we said before, English teaching jobs in Dubai are one of the highest-paying jobs there. The average salary for English teaching jobs is AED 5,759 per month according to a reliable career platform, which is not common in many countries worldwide.

3- The diversity

There are thousands of ex-pat teachers and workers in the UAE. It’s a diverse country that has people from worldwide. They go there to enjoy the warm weather and work for innovative corporates.

4- The healthcare

UAE has an excellent healthcare system that is free for its citizens. Don’t worry! If you are a foreigner, you still have the right to get healthcare benefits with your contract.

5- The innovation

The technology and the prosperity in UAE are actual. You can enjoy a lot of activities and many life facilities. Luxury life is what you’re going to find in Dubai.

6- The shopping

UAE is one of the best shopping destinations ever. With all the malls and shopping centers there, you’ll find whatever you need and want.

7- The safety

One of the most known things about the UAE is its safety and laws. It’s one of the safest destinations in the middle-east. It has an efficient police system and a low crime rate.

8- Tax-free salaries

Surprisingly, you won’t have to pay taxes for your income as an English teacher at all. Enjoy your salary and spend it on some exciting activities.

In conclusion

Looking for English teacher jobs in Dubai is challenging, but it’s worth it. Your efforts will pay off in the end, and you’re going to get your dream job eventually. It just needs persistence and organized steps.

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