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SOP Manager Data Analytics

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  • Beauty & Beyond: We reimagine beauty by inspiring our customers, empowering people and helping them become the best versions of themselves.
  • Creativity Unleashed: We encourage exploration, innovation and having fun.
  • Endless Evolution: At Sephora you are empowered to choose your own path and accelerate your growth.
  • Boldly Authentic: We celebrate diversity and embrace your unique and winning spirit
  • Successfully completing all Demand and Supply Planning activities for a Category in an omni-channel environment (Retail and Ecommerce), to ensure always in stock
  • Develop collaboration with Category Management Team and Brands by giving visibility of the forecast and sharing KPI (On Shelf availability, Forecast Accuracy, Stock Cover)
  • Manage inventory to ensure replenishment activity related issues are resolved proactively and collaborate with other cross-functional stakeholders such as Logistics, Offer, Commercial team and Master Data
  • Validate and adjust proposed baseline forecast within the Planning System
  • Manage Animation & Newness forecasts for all brands for both Retail and Ecommerce:
    • Initialization with Data from Offer or Stores Teams
    • Forecast adjustment based on the initial sales both in stores and online
  • Prepare in monthly cross-department collaboration meetings with analysis:
    • Forecast Meetings
    • Launches Review
    • Stock Meetings
    • Supplier evaluation meetings (any key callouts on KPIs/performance)
  • Ensures the overall forecast is consistent with historical sales of products, trend, and planned events (Operations, Media Campaigns, Ramadan etc.) and considers the impact of product cannibalization, defined in collaboration with Catman
  • Analyze of Forecast Accuracy, monitoring and communicating internally any concerns and managing appropriate corrective actions
  • Conduct analysis on Out-of-stock instances after analyzing reports as part of order check and adjustment process that is carried out weekly
  • Support the development and evolvement of all Forecasting processes and systems
  • Follow the processes implemented for the Demand planning scope
  • Plan new Stores/re-fit of current stores in line with expectations and brand layout
  • Build strong relationship with internal Category Merchandising Team and external Brand Teams for all interrelated activities
  • Analyze reports for over and under forecasting for novelty products, review and analyze the updated plan with Catman and address forecast adjustments
  • Ensure optimal product availability on shelves in all stores through replenishment order calculations with the replenishment tool
  • Manage the purchasing plan through optimum use of the Planning system (Leadtime, frequency of orders, safety stock)
  • Calculate stock rebalancing needs between stores through optimum use of parameters (Excess stock, cover stock)
  • Manage In & outbound Orders for the brands managed through the warehouse
  • Apply stock policy per brand/per ABC/per country
  • Support Logistics Team (KSA and Dubai team) with the purchase order process, validating and advising urgent orders
  • Optimize stock returns & transfer opportunities between all Stores: Identify overstock and propose action plan to Catman and Negotiation team
  • Ensure roll-out of brands and new stores/re-fits are managed effectively and maximizes utilization of transfers
  • Collaboratively work with Compliance Team to ensure we are shipping items in line with regulations & compliance for all Markets
  • Communicate with KSA Head office Supply Chain Team to support their local KSA activities
  • Share Purchasing plan with defined suppliers after validation with Catman

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