Consulting - Maritime - Senior Manager
Consulting - Maritim....
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Consulting - Maritime - Senior Manager

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Responsibilities As a Senior Manager
• Lead and deliver consulting assignments – develop content, project plans, distribute work to

team members and oversee day-to-day delivery. Assignments are expected to be

predominantly within the land transport sector, but could also include to the broader

transport and logistics space
• Perform hypothesis driven thinking, guide the team’s analyses and push their thinking to

draw meaningful insights, and ensure credibility of analytical approaches, methodologies

and conclusions.
• Review work produced by the team to ensure highest quality levels output aligned with the

scope of work, delivered on time and within budget to the expectations of the client.
• Engage client counterpart(s) to align with them on the work plans and interim and final

• Ensure smooth handover of project deliverables and results and effectively close out

consulting assignments with the client.
• Build strong, trusted advisor relationships with your clients beyond the immediate consulting

assignment and identify and contribute to follow-on work, and maintain an emerging network

of contacts and relationships inside and outside the firm’s network.
• Proactively lead the drafting of proposals and marketing efforts and participate in proposal

pitches with a focus on converting pipelines into secured mandates .
• Stay up to date on the land transport industry in the region, including the government agenda,

players’ positioning and strategies, latest trends and developments.
• Develop and maintain intellectual capital and publish thought leadership on aviation to

enhance our brand.
• Provide guidance and coaching to team members as needed and ensure a professional and

productive team environment.
• Mentor – formally and informally - other members in your team/ business unit in order to

foster a high performance team environment.
• Manage internal requirements for quality, compliance, policies, procedures and systems and


• 8-12 years of professional work experience out of which at least 4-6 are in consulting with a

leading global consulting firm, with a proven portfolio of projects in the ports and maritime

sector, preferably -but not necessarily-in the Middle East, advising tier-1 organization
• Experience in ports, commercial and passenger shipping, regulatory authorizes, ports related

freezones, investment funds active in this space, and / or ports and maritime Authorities or

governmental entities in the sector.
• Key areas of functional expertise include, but are not limited to, strategy development,

strategic transformations, capability led transformations, strategy implementation, corporate

governance, operating models, etc.
• Strong business acumen and structured problem solving capabilities, using first principle

thinking to frame solutions. Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, validate,

structure and analyze financial, operational, and market data.
• Output focused and resilient with the ability to rally resources and maintain momentum

within a fast paced and high energy team.
• Able to work independently and effectively within a team.
• Strong communication skills with the ability to operate in a multi-stakeholder environment.
• Ability and willingness for frequent travel within the GCC and Middle East.
• Education: Relevant Bachelor’s degree, with Masters degree a plus, ideally an MBA from a

reputable business school.
• Language Skills: Proficient in written and spoken English. Arabic is a significant plus

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