Top 5 FAQs About Employment Visa in UAE


You've got a job offer in the UAE… Thinking about how to move there and how to get all your documents done. Don't worry! An Employment Visa in UAE is made easy.

Thousands of opportunities show up in this gleaming country every year. Whether you are planning to live in the UAE and work for one of its common sectors, such as oil and gas, or you have got a job offer from an employer who wants you to move and start your work. In both cases, you must have a work permit for the UAE to be allowed to work legally.

However, the Employment Visa in UAE has specific rules ensuring your rights and your employer's. Here's a complete guide to help you quickly obtain an Employment Visa in UAE.

Employment Visa in UAE

What is an Employment Visa in UAE?

It's a visa that allows you to work in the UAE. It's a work permit that combines your labor card and residence visa. Once you get a job at a company based in the UAE, your employer will handle most of the required paperwork to bring you the Employment Visa in UAE.

How Can I Get UAE Employment Visa?

The UAE is considered one of the world's highly desirable locations for those who want to relocate for a better job.

Getting a UAE work permit is relatively straightforward. The first step is getting an entry visa to enter the UAE lands. Then you must apply for a residence visa and a labor card within your first 60 days of arriving. The good news is much of this process can be done online and takes a short time (it usually takes about 5 working days)

online Employment Visa in UAE
MoHRE- the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation- is the official sector in charge of issuing employment visas in the UAE. However, your employer has to obtain the work permit on your behalf, and the application process is as follows

How to Apply for Employment Visa Online in The UAE?

  • Your employer prints the work permit application at the Tas'Heel website, "the Ministry of Labour's online system."
  • After submitting the required documents, the Ministry reviews their application and asks your employer to resubmit any other required documents or correct any irregularities.
  • The Ministry issues the approval, which the employer can download from the Ministry website.
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What Documents are Required for The UAE Employment Visa?

You must meet the following conditions to get your UAE work permit:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Your employer has a valid trading license
  • Your employer must not have any violations
  • Your job must correspond to the nature of your employer's file.
rules for Employment Visa in UAE

What are the required documents for the UAE employment visa?

  • Your original passport (valid) and a copy of it
  • A recent photography picture ( passport-size)
  • Your entry visa
  • Copies of your educational qualifications (must be authorized by the UAE Embassy in your country and your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A medical certificate (issued by an Emarati government official health center.
  • Your job offer from your employer ( 3 copies)
  • Your employer's documents: the commercial license or the company card
A certificate of good conduct is not required until further notice.*

How Much Does The UAE Employment Visa Cost?

  • Initial approval of work permit
    needed for all categories that cost: AED 200.
  • Approval of the electronic work permit (your Labour Card) is divided into categories and levels as follows:
Category 1AED 300
Category 2Level A: AED 600
Level B: AED 1,500
Level C: AED 2,000
(depending on the ratio of skilled and unskilled workers that the company has)
Category 3AED 5,000
Fees for Employment Visa in UAE
  • AED 5,000: for foreign workers over 65 years - in all types.

    *All fees are according to The United Arab Emirates' Government portal*

To wrap things up, we can conclude getting a UAE work visa in the following steps:

1- Find a job in the UAE (either while you are on a Tourist Visa or through one of UAE’s employers)
2- Your employer will apply for your Work Permit while you are still in your home country.
3- Once you get the approval, you can use your work permit to enter the UAE
4- Your employer helps you undergo a medical exam and applies for a Residence Card on your behalf. (You must do it within 60 days from your arrival, which is the valid duration of your permit.
5- You will finally receive your Labour Card and Emirates ID Card

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