Is It Difficult to Find a Job in Dubai During Ramadan?


Do you imagine that Ramadan is the perfect time to look for a job?

According to a career poll, 60% of experts agree that recruitment during Ramadan increases or normal like any other time of the year.

Dubai proves every day that it's the best country for expats to live and work – as of 2021, Approximately 80% of the UAE's population is made up of expatriates. If you've recently arrived in the city or are planning to travel to the country in the next few days, you'll witness the month of Ramadan from the beginning and observe its impact on the job market there.


How does Ramadan Affect the Job Market in Dubai?

Since companies are only required to operate for six hours a day by law, most businesses close two hours early. There are no salary cuts due to these timings.

When employees adjust to not eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset, it's understandable that productivity suffers. The month is a typical time to take annual vacations, and it is a time to reconnect with families.

These changes are mirrored in general recruiting practice, with firms deferring recruiting until after the Eid holidays. Although this is a common occurrence in most fields, it has the most significant impact on new grads seeking their first or second position in their chosen field.

Many experienced professionals looking to change jobs, on the other hand, change their jobs successfully during this month. According to a survey conducted by a global job portal, 79.1 percent of MENA professionals spend more time searching for a new career during Ramadan.

This is due in part to the monthly atmosphere, which helps job seekers to calm down, ignore all distractions, and concentrate on their visions.

Find below Useful Tips to take advantage of the month of Ramadan to find the job you always dream of!

What Can You Do To Get A Job In Dubai During Ramadan?

Don't get discouraged if you're hunting for a new job during Ramadan. There's a lot you can do to make sure you're ready for the job search journey:

  1. Update your resume with the latest achievements and qualifications.
  2. Make an effort to advance your career- take advantage of the dozens of free training courses available on several global channels to refine your skills and learn new things, whether you're already working or looking for work.
  3. Clean up all your online accounts- Before the interview, 87 percent of recruiters look at your social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about your attitude and see if you'll suit the work culture they're looking for.
  4. Maintain a robust digital presence, especially on LinkedIn. Build your Brand!
  5. Get ready for the interview by knowing more about the FAQs, perfect outfits, and strategies you should follow.
  6. Set a list of your target companies and browse their websites to be among the first applicants.
  7. Spend some time determining and narrowing down your job objectives – where do you want to be in a year? Is it possible that the jobs you're applying for can help you get there?
  8. Master the art of "networking"; you don't know who may help you get your next job. It's also vital to discover the hidden job market.
  9. Utilize "Walk-in interviews" in Dubai- Just a few job seekers in Dubai understand the importance of a walk-in-interview. Walk-ins in Dubai are great way to secure your dream job quickly. If you want to reignite or inspire your career, make sure you take advantage of the latest walk-in opportunities in Dubai as soon as possible.

What are the mistakes you should avoid while searching for a job in Dubai?

Using one CV for all jobs

Companies have varying qualifications and job descriptions for the same job title, even though they apply for the same role. If you want your submission to stand out, tailor it to each position you're applying for.

Using a generic cover letter

Each cover letter should be tailored to the job. It might be a lengthy process, but consider how much time you waste sending out work applications that go unanswered. The critical goal in your cover letter is to highlight your achievements. Be that you have all of the components of a good cover letter.

Having no job-hunting plan

Please make a list of prospective target employers that post positions that match your background, expertise, and credentials and track them to be updated when a new job becomes available.

Saving jobs to "apply later."

Did you know that the first resume is sent to the recruiter 20 seconds after the job ad is posted online? If you see a position that matches your credentials, don't waste any time and apply right away.

When recruiting managers have a pressing need to fill a position, they will begin the interview process as soon as they obtain the first resume. Since they already have a deep application list, being late means losing out on the chance to stand out against other well-qualified applicants.

Depending only on job portals

Job hunting can be achieved in various ways, including online job boards, company websites, networking, and social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). As a result, relying on one platform could cause you to miss out on more opportunities available on the other. You'll need to schedule your time so that you can apply for all the positions across all channels. Find a way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Being out-of-the-country

You can never get a job interview if you live outside of a country and the company chooses local applicants. Since most employers do not pay relocating costs, whether you are in Egypt and applying for a UAE position, you must clarify or offer a hint in your cover letter as to why you did so. Also, show that you are the best candidate for the job. The recruiter will not guess the motives for your decision.

Paying money to get the job

You're looking for a career where you'll get paid rather than pay the fee, and big corporations never want you to pay for something. So, if you're asked to pay for something like a resume check or training before getting a job, it's a scam.

When Is The Best Time to Apply For A Job In Dubai?

When you find a suitable vacancy, this is the perfect time for you. No one can say that you should apply in X months and stay without applying to jobs in Z months.

According to surveys, May and September witness high hiring rates while June, July, August, and December witness slow and low hiring rates. 

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