How to Get Part-time jobs in Dubai?


Get a Job in Dubai - "Remotely," "From home," and "Part-time" are the three buzzwords in the global job market today. So, when it comes to Dubai, one of the top 10 most attractive destinations for job seekers, it will not be a surprise if we find that "part-time jobs" are among the top job types that attract job seekers.

Not only part-time jobs, but job seekers in Dubai also have a wide variety of options: Full-time, Freelance, On contract jobs.

Freelance, part-time, and on-contract opportunities can be the first step for job seekers who arrive on a visit visa to start a city career. They can also a golden chance to already employed persons to find a job with the top brands.

Do you want to know more about part time jobs in Dubai and how to get a job in Dubai? Here's the complete guide.

Which jobs can you work on a part-time basis in Dubai?

  • Graphic Design jobs
  • Translation Jobs
  • Videographer Jobs
  • Content writer jobs
  • Legal jobs
  • Executive assistant jobs
  • Female market researcher jobs
  • Fitness instructor jobs   
  • Academic, professional writer jobs

What are the top industries for part-time jobs in Dubai?

  • Media industry
  • Real estate industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Travel and tourism industry
  • IT industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Business consultancy

Is it legal to have a part-time job in Dubai while being already employed?

As per the UAE'S Labor Law, an employee can have a part-time job alongside his full-time job. However, he shall get a permit.

For a temporary or part-time work visa, the employee may work part-time. They will also move occupations without seeking approval from their current employer.

Employees who serve part-time for six months or longer are eligible for a part-time work permit. When hiring a UAE national or expatriate, prospective employers should apply for it.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issue the permit (MOHRE).

What are the Documents Required for a part-time work permit in UAE?  

  1. A copy of all companies' business licenses (the current establishment and the application applying establishment)
  2. A color photograph of the worker on a white backdrop.
  3. A photocopy of the employee's passport
  4. If an academic certificate (post-secondary diploma, university degree, or equivalent) is needed, a copy of the qualification must be submitted, validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. If necessary, a letter of approval from the appropriate authority must be attached (doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and teacher)
  6. A copy of the agreement
  7. A letter from the previous sponsor stating that there are no objections.
  8. A visa of the worker's visa with (the sponsor or establishment name) and a validity period of more than six months.


  • The residency visa must be valid for at least six months.
  • All employers would be allowed to sign a no-objection form. A work permit can be obtained by adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18. Parents can fund work permits for children under 18 (15-17), and husbands can sponsor their spouses.
  • After receiving all of the NOC statements, the prospective employer applies for the job permit on behalf of the employees; the application costs AED 100. The permit costs AED 500; the corporation (prospective part-time employer) is responsible for the application costs.

Who is exempted? 

People aged 65 and over are not eligible for a part-time permit, and those with a visitor or visit visa are not permitted to work part-time.

What are the qualifications for part-time work?

To get a part-time contract, you'll need a graduate degree and specialized credentials.

What is the real hourly wage for part-time employees?

The average monthly wage for part-time employees is around AED 3500. Salaries vary widely depending on a person's credentials, expertise, and abilities. In both cases, part-time jobs pay less and have fewer advantages than full-time employment.

Where to find part-time jobs in Dubai?

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Good luck, and we hope you get a job in Dubai!