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Job Description

Req ID : 2068991
Ensure that sufficient stock is maintained to operate the restaurant and create and follow up stock requests.
Ensure that all updated regulations, instructions and official permits are available.
Providing opinions and ideas for what is in the interest of the work.
Directing the team to meet customer needs.
Supervising, approving and following up employee shifts.
Supervising the management of staff within the restaurant space, to provide quality, service and cleanliness by managing the resources available in terms of staff, product and equipment.
Enhancing the positive behavior of employees towards work.
The ability to understand and work with production methods and quality control.
Keep all documents and documents received for the restaurant and hand them over to the competent authority in a sound condition.
Train new supervisors to perform their roles.
Attending to the restaurant outside official working hours in emergency cases or if necessary - it is required to respond to the communications of the senior management around the clock.
Attend management meetings regularly.
Evaluating all restaurant employees monthly and submitting reports to the Human Resources Department and making observations.
Ensure that the branch supervisor ensures that all employees obtain food health certificates and follow-up.
Managing all branch employees and raising their productivity level to the maximum.
Follow up the movement of assets in the branch and report it to the concerned department.
Ensure that all devices and equipment of the restaurant are working well and safely, and immediately report any construction or technical malfunctions to the concerned committee and follow up on that.
Follow up and approve leave requests and report labor violations immediately in accordance with the agreed procedures.
Satisfying customers through friendly, courteous and helpful behavior, adequate and meticulous reception service, consistently delivering a high quality product, and showing sensitivity to individual customer needs.
Ensure that all products are produced in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the operation manual.
Commitment to the daily and monthly inventory of the restaurant's stock and to take the necessary action immediately, as the stock is the responsibility of the restaurant manager.

Preparing sales the report, with all supporting documents attached at the end of the work period and handing them over to the competent department.

Keeping sales amounts inside the safe.

Follow up maintenance and repair of all equipment

Follow food production Procedure 100%

Follow up work flow

Any other tasks assigned to him by the authorized person and related to his field of work.

Company Industry

Banking / Financial Services / Broking

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