DrJobs is one of the leading premium job search engine for individuals exploring job opportunities and career growth within the United Arab Emirates. DrJobs is a premium service providing quality jobs for jobseekers. DrJobs services are available in all social media platforms, to reach all jobseekers find and receive up to date job opportunities on daily basis.

DrJobs continuously working to its technology partners to make service available and within reach for all jobseekers specifically the GCC countries. Today, DrJobs has thousands of premium jobseekers registered to its talent pool online, seeking new opportunities, hundreds of job vacancies posted on a weekly basis from the registered Employers. Since its inceptions DrJobs has helped thousands of jobseekers to land a job, and it is positioned as one of the largest job search engine providing quality jobs in the GCC and Asian countries.


DrJobs vision is to be the leading premium job search engine bringing unlimited opportunity across GCC and Asian countries.


DrJobs mission is to provide quality premium job opportunities to all jobseekers, and services to remain FREE for companies

Our Advantage

DrJobs has lots of advantages, our portal is rich in salient features, continuously innovating to provide a better service for both jobseekers and employers. DrJobs have the widest and biggest reach in all social media platforms having over 100K premium followers on Facebook,providing a 24/7 support, uploading and sending daily opportunities updates for all jobseekers.

For Job Seekers

Job seekers will receive all the latest and updated available job opportunities based on their industry, skills, target job and interests. Job alerts will be emailed to applicants registered email along with an SMS alert. Jobseekers can track the status of their applications through dashboard. DrJobs truly cares for all jobseekers, we have partnered with the biggest training providers in the UAE for which Jobseekers are free to inquire and enroll in all the courses available.

For Employers

Employers will be provided a user friendly panel to upload jobs posting, and access to premium CV’s online. Employers will be able to put important remarks for all CV’s received e.g. shortlisted, hired among others. Employers can also take advantage of the training courses available for their management from DrJobs Training Partner provider.

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