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Writing a Professional Email

Today we are going to demonstrate the proper way of writing a professional email to your employer

  • You should start the email with greeting, useful expressions for greeting are:
    • -Dear Sir/Madam

      -To whom it may concern

      -Dear Mr./Mrs. Jones

    Never use:

      -Hi Smith

      -Dear Smith

      -Hello Smith

  • The second step is stating the reason for why you’re writing the email, useful expressions may be:
    • -I am writing to ask for…

      -I am writing regarding…

      -I am writing with regard to….

      -With reference to….

    Never use:

      -Just a quick question about….

      -I was wondering if….

      -I wanted to let you know that…..

  • If you want to ask for something ,here are useful email expressions for making a request:
    • -Could you please let me know if…..?

      -I would appreciate it if you could…..

      -Could we arrange…..?

      Please let me know if….

    Never use:

      -I was just wondering if…

      -Would you mind…?

      -Can/could you…..?

  • If you want to agree to a request someone has made, here are useful expressions:
    • -I would be delighted to…..

    Never use:

      -I will be happy to……

  • If you want to submit a complaint, the suitable expressions are:
    • -I am writing to complain about…..

      -I am writing to express my dissatisfaction/disappointment towards…

      -I regret to say that……

  • If you want to apologize, use one of the email expressions below:
    • -We would like to apologize for….

      -Please accept our apologies……

      -Please let us know what we can do to compensate for any damages caused….

  • If you want to attach files, you should write one of the expressions below:
    • -I am attaching……(my resume)

      -Attached you will find my CV

      -I am sending you…

      -Please see the….attached

      -please find the attached file you requested

  • When you want to close an email, use one of these expressions:
    • -I look forward to your reply……

      -I look forward to seeing you…..

      -I look forward to hearing from you….

      -I look forward to hearing from you soon….

      -I look forward to meeting you……(next Sunday)

      -I look forward to seeing you…….(next Sunday)

  • Finally, to end an email, say:
    • -Kind regards

      -Best wishes

      -Sincere regards

    Never use:


      -Take care

      -See you soon

      -Keep in touch