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Workplace Personalities

10 significant personalities you will find in the workplace and how to deal with them?

When you engage in a new career environment, coming all the way from your ex-position which you got used to its ambiance, or start a new stage in your life after graduation, you will bump into different types of personalities whom you should deal with all of them decently regardless your internal feelings towards them. Therefore, we will demonstrate here 10 of the most common types found in any workplace and how to deal with them. So that you ensure building a healthy relationship with all of your colleagues, have a successful career life, and acquire your manager’s confidence.

1-The Aggressive person

    This person is violent and short-tempered where sometimes he/she expresses reaction of anger by physical force if anybody got on his/her nervous. He/she attempts to lead people and forces them to work in the way he/she wants. Always appointing the work assigned to him/her to other people especially if she /he was in a higher work position.

    How to deal with him/her?

    Face him/her and talk to him/her about the problem.

    If this didn’t work

    Ignore him/her; ignorance will reduce the repetition of this behavior.

    If this didn’t work

    Inform your boss and ask him to address this problem soonest time.

2-The Sycophant Person

    This person is very well-known and prevalent in all the workplaces. This person who grovels at the feet of his/her boss in order to get upgraded in his/her career easily and rapidly through slandering his/her colleagues and fabricating issues in order to defame them. Because some managers prefer these kinds of people who boost their feeling of importance, this toxic kind of employees tends to increase.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -you should be acute smart when dealing with him/her.

    -Ignore him/her and don’t show any kind of care.

    -Try to take advantage of him/her to your benefit. You know that he/she conveys the employees’ news to the boss, so utilize his/her presence and perform useful projects to give a bright image of you to your boss.

    -Don’t gossip about your friends in front of him/her even if he/she asked.

    -Don’t joke with him/her or joke with your friends during his/her presence. He/she will use these attitudes against you.

3-The Back-Stabber

    This person uses his/her fake kindness and warmness to get close to you in order to know as much pieces of information as possible about you for the sake of using them against you later. This person will discredit and defame you.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Be nice to him/her, but be careful not to reveal any piece of information pertaining your career or personal life.

4-The “always complaining” person

    This whiner person who always complains of the difficulty of the tasks assigned to him/her, of the manager’s obstinacy, the roads’ traffic, rising of prices, or of the bad weather. With this kind of person, you will feel frustrated and that the world is really bad. He/she will succeed in pulling away your positive energy by time.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Don’t discuss with him/her about any issue. It will be useless! He/she will pay every effort to convince you of his/her point of view which will waste your time and make you more frustrated.

    -Recommend solutions that will solve his/her problems and improve his/her life.

5-The utilizer Person

    This person strives for career upgrading and financial privileges no matter what damages he/she may cause to his/her colleagues. He/she will take advantage of any situation regardless of the consequences for he/she lacks moral values. You can easily notice this kind of person; he’s the curious person who consequently asks about your abilities and potential capabilities. He/she runs to you when there is a need and forgets you once he/she gets what they want.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Don’t let him/her know any piece of information concerning your career or personal life for they will use it against you.

    -Don’t make them feel that you are cautious of them.

6-The Introvert Shy Person

    If you tried to engage this person in a conversation, he/she will reply in a short and abbreviated way. He/she has nothing to talk about or show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she doesn’t have creative ideas. This person is also very sensitive. Put in mind that this person is sick and tired of his introversion and shyness and wishes to find someone to trust and helps him/her to break this manner. If this happened, you would be astonished of his/her smartness and ability to analyze the facts.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Be patient and be careful of his/her over-sensitivity.

    -Don’t force him/her on anything as this will escalate the problem.

    -Encourage him/her to get out of his/her shell.

    -Ask him easy questions that stir up his/her fluent speech then praise his/her opinion. Even if you exaggerated, this will enhance her/his self-confidence and will break the ice.

7-The Submissive Person

    This Person is always obedient regarding any career task. He/she never dare to refuse any task assigned to him/her no matter of the short time or the other accumulated tasks. He/she remains accepting to do all the tasks until he collapses as the time passes by due to not having break. He/she thinks that refusing any assigned task means incompetence or poor performance.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Try to acquire his/her confidence in different ways and make him/her feel safe with you.

    -Invite him/her for a coffee or make an activity together.

    -Help him/her to divide his time between work and leisure and make him know that he’s not obliged to work all the time.

8-The Dominant Person

    This person is narcissist and feels that he/she is the best ever! He/she shows off when dealing with other people. He/she couldn’t acknowledge the mistake even if he/she was mistaken. Don’t ever expect to have a calm conversation with him/her for his/her voice is always aloud and he/she tries to impose his/her opinion in any mean and take the decision he/she wants.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Ignore, Ignore, and Ignore and don’t sprout their attention about this attitude for it will escalate.

9-The Dependent Person

    This is the lazy person who uses his flattering way of speech to drop on you his/her tasks in a very sweet way that you feel shy to say no. By time, this person will get used to depend on you as long as it’s ok with you.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -Dare to say no from the begging.

10-The Moody Person

    This Person has fluctuating reactions and moods with unexpected manners and random haste decisions.

    How to deal with him/her?

    -keep calm when he/she provokes you.

    -Try to avoid him/her when his/her mood is bad.

    -use you sense of humor adequately in reasonable manner after he/she gets back to normal mood that doesn’t provoke him/her.