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Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintain your privacy

DrJobs value our user rights and their right to keep personal information private. Our Privacy statement applied to all information disclosed by the user of DrJobs website including but not limited to registered Job Seekers and Employers.


DrJobs is a product and service of Dreamsoft LLC, it owns and manage DrJobs website address

    1.Employerrefers to the companies, corporations, smb’s, or ministries that post job ads to to hire or recruit potential jobseekers for job vacancies;
    2.Jobseekers refers to the registered users applying for job vacancies
    3.Subscription Feerefers to the payment of drjobs service for the jobseekers
    4.Jobs Postingrefers to the jobs vacancies posted by the employer

Collecting Data for DrJobs Visitors

DrJobs collect information for users visiting our sites, informations we collected are non-personal such as, website sections e.g. about us, hot jobs, career tips, non-personal data can be used for enhancement of the services.

Collecting Data for DrJobs Registered Members

To be a registered jobseeker, DrJobs requires personal information during the registration process such as the name, email address, numbers and other information required during the registration process, this process is require to enjoy the service of Drjobs.

DrJobs Weekly Newsletters

DrJobs regularly send weekly newsletters for the jobseekers, all communications are emailed to all DrJobs registered members specifically the jobseekers, communications includes welcome emails, top job matches, industry updates among others. Members can unsubscribe to the weekly newsletters by clicking unsubscribe button.

Storing CV, Resume, Video & Pictures

DrJobs registered members can upload their updated CV, Resume and also their ID pictures, once launched registered members can also upload their video resume, DrJobs is not liable for data uploaded by the registered member that are not readable by the employers. Members can also change, delete or upload a new CV’s, resume, picture and videos.

Jobs Application

When applying jobs to the jobs posting online, the jobseekers personal information are required in order to be reach by the employer such as name, email, and contact numbers. Jobseekers must be active in order apply jobs, and a jobseekers can apply multiple jobs online.

DrJobs Payment Methods

During the registration process, all jobseekers are required to be a registered member by paring the subscription fee through SMS, debit and credit cards.

All credit/debit card details and other personal information of the jobseekers will NOT be stored, sold, share, rented or leased to any third parties.

Privacy & Website Changes

Drjobs website policies including our Terms and Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements standards. There all jobseekers are encourage to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.


Drjobs collect the company details, point of contact details such as name, email, and mobile numbers including the jobs posting of the companies.

Employers Jobs Posting

DrJobs service are FREE for Employers, all jobs posting made by the registered employer are captured by Drjobs for social media promotion including banner posting to drjobs website to achieved the maximum amount of jobseekers, employer must agree to use their name and logos to be used for social media campaigns

Storage & Security of Informations

We take reasonable procedures to ensure the security of your personal informationsincluding the health of our systems and servers, our servers are secured and stored in the state of the art data center in the UAE.

DrJobs is committed to protecting your information, if you feel that your user name has been used or unauthorized used please notify us immediately.

Feedbacks of DrJobs Services

We love ideas, any feedbacks including supports or complaints are always welcome. Results of your feedbacks will be used to enhance drjobs services and its websites. All feedbacks must be submitted to [email protected]