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Job Category: Events management jobs

Type : Full Time
Salary : Negotiable
No of Vacancy :
Experience Required : 3

Job Description
SERVICES FOR EVENT MANAGEMENT & PUBLIC RELATIONS CSR PROGRAMS·          Are one of the company activities through design, execution and manage different events and live theater shows either for private or governmental sector. In addition supplied all what they needs including stage, truss, sound, lighting system, booth, screens, Announcer, live shows, delegations hospitality, ... depending on our long experience and qualified teamwork.  ·         Lightning design using GRAND MA2 3D, COMAND WING PC, connecting the console for synchronization of signal.·         Programming lighting consoles, Handling lighting fixtures  ·         the lighting and ensuring all cables and wires are safely concealed.·         Ensuring all lighting equipment is in working order and organizing any necessary scaffolding and cranes.·          Assembling all the lighting and filter equipment needed, Also operate the lighting equipment during a show.·          Deciding on the lighting crew numbers and equipment needed and then employing the crew and hiring the equipment.·          Conducting risk assess establishing lighting requirements. ô€€€ Liaising with lighting directors/client and designers to create the stage manager, producer and sound technician throughout each project. ô€€€ Establishing lighting requirements andplotting the lighting. Arranging for any additional lighting equipment for special lighting effects and rigging the lighting.·         recorders, projectors, lighting and sound mixing equipment for special events using specialized equipment.·         Operate and maintain equipment used to amplify record and display sound and images at live events- such as, sound equipment for speeches and presentations, use video cameras to shoot images or serve asprojectionists.·          Enable to transport, assemble, maintain and repair equipment used in multimedia production. ô€€€ Creative and flexible with strong communication skills and the ability to interact with coworkers and clients, often under deadline pressure·         Carry out Corrective Maintenance in a timely fashion

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