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Job Category: Engineering jobs

Type : Full Time
Salary : Negotiable
No of Vacancy :
Experience Required : 3

Job Description
BASIC RESPONSIBILITYa. Monitors and reports performance of Waste Water Collection System and Waste WaterTreatment Plant and off sites /equipment on a day-to-day basis. Makes materials / energybalances and follows up for catalyst activity. Advises changes in mode of operation or revampof existing units to improve yield / quality of products. Evaluates economics of such changesor revamps and follows up their implementation and operation. Performs trouble shooting anddevises means of solving operating problems.b. Conducts test runs to determine process or equipment limitations as assigned. Analysesresults and suggests modifications to increase throughput or improve performance.c. Participates in chemical / media loading, regeneration and dumping and provides processassistance in startup, shutdown and turnaround activities.d. Performs process design calculations and sizes equipment for new projects and modificationsto the existing facilities. Uses computer as necessary for such work. Records all informationand calculations involved in these studies for easy access / reference.e. Conducts technical studies on assigned process work, including technical and economicfeasibility of alternate processes. Reports results of these studies for further action bysupervisor.f. Monitors and reports on pollution control activities as assigned. Studies and recommends waysof reducing pollutant level in plant effluents. Participates in other environmental efforts.Participates in energy conservation.g. Keeps abreast of technical developments related to Waste Water Treatment Plant maintainsup-to-date knowledge of capabilities of process units. Maintains update for KEPA regulationsand suggest measures to meet the regulations. Further studies and evaluates all availableprocess / plant design techniques. Recommends the most up-to-date technology to be appliedwithin the refinery for 100 % compliance to KEPA regulations.h. Works with IT / Process Control personnel in developing process control applications andprocess simulations. Assists in training other company employees assigned to the Division.Prepares technical reports as assigned.i. Carries out technical evaluation for chemical/additive / supporting systems and processchemicals as directed.j. Assists Contractor and Company in liaising with external agencies for studies and projectsconnected to process, which they undertake on behalf of refinery. Monitors progress, resolvesproblems and follows up these studies / projects. Responsible to align the outcome with targetobjectives of the study / project.k. Responsible for setting the design basis parameters for modifications / project to reflect theactual operation. Enables smooth commissioning and operations.BASIC RESPONSIBILITY (Continued)l. Assists Contractor and Company in planning and implementation with respect tocommunication, controls and documentation / records / reports, controls company /contractor / consultant work. Follows established division's procedures and plans.m. Participates in the chemical/additive / supporting systems activities for the Waste WaterCollection System and Waste Water Treatment Plant including consumption, budgeting,evaluations, ordering and amortization.n. Identifies energy conservation opportunities for assigned units and prepares necessary MOCdocuments.o. Remains available for consulting / on-call, after office hours.p. Ensures timely preparation and analysis of regular reports as required.q. Participates and contributes effectively in HAZOP review meetings.r. Trains Kuwaiti UD Engineer assigned to the section as per their scheduled training model.s. Participates and contributes to the performance improvement strategies of the department.t. Undertakes special/non-routine assignments, studies and projects; assumes a lead role asand when assigned.u. Assumes full responsibility for the role as envisaged by Health, Safety, Security andEnvironment Management System (HSSEMS).v. Performs any other related duties as assigned by the supervisor

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