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With the current significant progression in many industries and the massive development in the construction sector in the Gulf countries and the Middle East, there is a high demand for engineers. Mechanical engineers, project engineers, civil engineers, and others like IT engineers and chemical engineers can find plenty of engineering jobs across industries such as construction, IT, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, Automotive, and others. ... Read More

Where can engineers find jobs?

 Engineers have widely varied options for job opportunities in the Middle East. The Engineer can find:

What are the popular engineering jobs in gulf countries?

  • Civil engineer jobs in Dubai
  • Electrical engineer jobs in Saudi Arabia
  • Civil engineering jobs in Kuwait
  • Civil engineering jobs in Qatar
  • Civil engineering jobs in Bahrain
  • Civil engineering jobs in Egypt
  • Biomedical engineering in Egypt
  • Mechanical engineering jobs in Egypt
  • Civil engineering jobs in Jordan
  •  Mechanical engineering jobs in UAE
  • Civil engineering jobs in Bahrain
  • Electrical engineer jobs in UAE
  • Planning engineer jobs in Kuwait
  • Network engineer jobs in UAE
  • Sales engineer jobs in KSA
  • Project engineer jobs in Egypt
  • Maintenance engineer jobs in Bahrain
  • Design engineer jobs in Qatar
  • HSE engineer jobs in UAE

What are the popular career options for engineers?

What are the top Engineering Services Companies in the Middle East?

  • Atkins Middle East
  • Arcadis
  • Oryx Engineering Solutions
  • ADP Ingenierie
  • Hyder Consulting
  • Buro Happold
  • Honeywell Middle East Ltd - IBM/Kenexa
  • Gates Engineering & Services Careers
  • Zamel Consulting Engineers (ZATE)
  • Schneider Electric

What is the job description for engineers?

It varies depending on the engineering major. Yet, among the typical job description examples for engineering jobs: 

  • Write detailed summaries of project timelines, environmental impact reports, requests for proposals, and other written statements for the public.
  • Prepare plans with detailed drawings that include project specifications and cost estimates.
  • Design and execute engineering experiments to create workable solutions.
  • Develop engineering calculations, diagrams, and technical reports.
  • Complete the required technical and regulatory documents.
  • Ensure projects completed on-time and within the specified budget.
  • Analyze, develop, and evaluate large-scale complex systems.
  • Design blueprints, visit systems, and manage projects in the field.

What are the requirements for engineering jobs?

  • You should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering.
  • Master’s degree in engineering is preferred.
  • You should have a professional engineer license, and advanced skills in engineering specialized software applications such as AutoCAD.
  • +Three years of working experience as an engineer.

What are the top soft skills required for engineering jobs?

  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Enthusiasm, Commitment, and Motivation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Project management
  • High mathematics skills

What are the working hours for engineers? 

Depending on the work environment, engineers may work irregular or longer hours to meet deadlines or when new procedures go into effect. In general, engineers are expected to work for 8 hours/ day, except in the month of Ramadan, since the working hours reduced to be 6 hours/ day. Friday is the weekly day off, but some companies have only a five-day working week, then the other day off is Saturday.

What is the salary range for engineers in Gulf countries?

   The average salary for engineers varies widely depending on the level of experience and place of work.


      Avg. monthly salary


      8,250 AED to 19,800 AED


      630 KWD to 1,500 KWD

   Saudi Arabia

      8,280 SAR to 19,900 SAR


      7,780 QAR to 18,700 QAR


      5,490 EGP to 13,200 EGP

 * All Salary ranges according to

What are the benefits of working as an Engineer in the Middle East?

A career in engineering is very productive since it is characterized by:

  • Variety of Career Opportunities: an engineering degree offers a wide range of career options starting from mechanical and electrical engineering to biomedical and lab engineering.
  • Financial security: salaries are competitive and tax-free.
  • Spontaneous jobs: Work in all different types of environments. 
  • Professional Environment/ Intellectual Development: It’s mandatory to keep up-to-date with all kinds of training, regulations, education, memberships, and industry knowledge.
  • Society benefits: The engineer can choose to work on projects that benefit society, such as transportation systems, waste management, etc.

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