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How to facilitate your return to work after maternity leave?

All working women who ended their maternity leave, enter into endless conflict of emotions when it’s time to resume their work regularly. They feel sad for leaving their toddlers behind, anxious about leaving their child of someone else even if they’re specialized in child education, and worried about this new transition and how they will balance between work and general life with a new-born baby who will ruin their sleeping routine which will affect their work-productivity adversely. These are ordinary feelings, according to researches that prove that return to work for many women happens sooner than their readiness. In this article, we’ll guide you to achieve smooth transitioning to your work.

  1. Ask yourself if you can handle resigning?
  2. Remember that the arrival of a new baby will impose new expenses along with your typical expenses. So, can you handle it financially? Can you handle affording childcare requirements, emergency savings, etc. Think thoroughly about this step and consider all aspects before taking it to avoid long term frustration.

  3. Make sure that your child is being taken good care of!
  4. You need to make strong confident relationship with the person responsible of taking care by staying with the assumed care-provider for at least 2 weeks before going back to work so as to have an overall idea of how things will be going when you’re away. You’ve to feel relaxed and sure that your baby is being taken good care of, no matter whether they were his/her grandparents, a daycare provider, or a nanny. Practice the assumed schedule with the care giver for short time to acclimatize yourself and your baby to the new routine. Also, invite the care provider for lunch, if she was stranger to know her more outside her role through asking all the questions you need. If you’re putting your child in a nursery, it’s very essential to stay with your child all the day for at least the first 3 days of your child’s journey, to avoid anxiety separation and to feel relaxed as a mother about the general ambiance in which your child will be. Once again, register your child in the nursery at least one week before going back to your work. If you don’t do so, you’ll not be focused nor work efficiently.

  5. Be patient and logical
  6. When going back to work, bear in mind that you don’t have to master holding the knots of all aspects (Parenting, work, health etc.) from the very first day or even the first week of going back to work. Try to catch everything you missed step-by-step starting from little easy tasks and put time-framework for each task.

  7. Ask if you can work from home
  8. Ask if you can work from home even for one day a week. This will facilitate the transition process, and will keep your milk supply as well. Also, put your boss in the loop and create a plan of how you’ll work and attract his\her attention that you’ll have child care in place when you’re at home.

  9. Take support from other working moms
  10. Take parental classes during the maternity leave and even during pregnancy. Most importantly, stay connected with working moms even if they were not your colleagues. Make a group of friends that include working moms to share collective experiences, concerns, and take more reasonable pieces of advice.

  11. Express your needs clearly
  12. Be open, don’t feel shy, and express your needs in your workplace. All people around you want to help, but they don’t know what you need exactly. For example, you can ask to postpone a meeting because its time contradicts with breast feeding time. However, give practical and creative solutions as alternatives

  13. Assign certain timings to pump out breast milk
  14. Notify your boss that you need 10-15 minutes twice a day to pump out breast milk and that you need a private closed area other than the toilet to do this mission. Not pumping out your milk will lead to emotional stress along with physical pains.

  15. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, even among bundle of responsibilities
  16. Try to carve out time of the day for yourself away from family and work. When you make time to indulge yourself, you’ll be more able to fulfil your responsibilities from all aspects. For instance, make yoga class once a week and assign one hour for yourself after you put your baby in bed to make your hair or read a book

    Remember, all what you’re passing through and feeling is valid, we all know it’s not easy. However, all moms especially who are your colleagues have passed through the same situation and they did it, so be relaxed and patient.