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5 Tips That Will Keep You Productive During Ramadan

During Ramadan; your energy decreases and between working while fasting, sleepless nights, family gatherings and schools reunions it becomes harder to achieve anything during the holy month, but that’s not how it should be, Ramadan is actually the month of blessings and we should be the best version of ourselves during it. As some companies tend to give its employees extra days off and short working hours, we should not take that for granted, on the contrary we should do our best to be more productive. That’s why we’re here to list down the 5 tips that will help you become more productive during Ramadan!

    1 - Early Sohoor & Sleeping well: Our energy fades during Ramadan because of the un healthy sleeping style we gain, we almost have like 4 hours tops of sleep, and that’s not good, my advice is eat your Sohoor early and get enough 6-8 hours of sleep daily, that will boost your energy and help you in being productive.

    2 - Schedule your day ahead: Once you enter your office, schedule your day, list down your tasks and start checking out the done ones, this will motivate you to keep going and be productive.

    3 - Put Deadlines to yourself: Putting deadlines to yourself will help you accomplish your tasks faster and keeps you productive.

    4 - Workout: Try working out once or twice a week that will keep you energetic and in good shape!

    5 - Meditate: It’s Ramadan, you have to meditate, Read Quraan and Pray all this will definitely help you to relax hence boost your energy and keeps you productive.

Don’t forget to join your family and friends at Iftaar and reminisce the old memories, share laughter, share love… Ramadan Kareem.