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Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need to register to DrJobs?

Yes, If you are looking for a new job opportunities then you need to register your profile and update your CV in order to apply job opportunities.

What updates I need to receive if I apply for job postings?

When you applied a job vacancies you will received notification email that you successfully applied to specific job, in your window you can also view the action taken by Employers to your CV such as- a) View – this update will show the number of times the employers viewed your CV b) Reject – your job applications are rejected c) Shortlisted – you have been shortlisted by the employer d) Screened – your CV has been screened by the employer e) Hired – you CV has been mark as hired by the employer I am jobseekers and currently residing outside the UAE, can I register my profile? No, DrJobs are currently available in the UAE, authentication is a must during the registration using your local mobile number.

Any additional updates I will received from DrJobs after updating my profile?

Job alerts will be emailed to your registered email, along with SMS alert for new job postings available that matching your skills.

Do you have any customer care of technical support to help me I cannot update my profile?

Yes, you can send your queries to just mention in the subject your registered mobile number and details of your concern. Why do I need to register my mobile number?

Your mobile number will serve as your user name to log on to the drjobs website.

Do I need to subscribe or pay for applying job posting?

Yes, jobseekers will be charge Aed 2.00 per day for Etisalat subscribers and Aed 1.00 per day for Du subscribers, this will entitle you to explore all the job opportunities available matching your skills.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, job seekers can cancel their subscriptions to DrJobs anytime without penalty.

If I cancel my subscription can the Employer still view or access my profile?

No, your profile be automatically hide and not visible to employer.

I have updated profile and subscription but not applying for a job posting what will happen to my profile?

Your profile will be visible to employer searching for the same skills as yours, and there are chances that employer will invite your for job interview if they found your skills matching their needs.

How to register as Jobseekers?

Jobseekers are advised to register and upload their professional profile to, a local mobile number is required during the pre-registration.

How to Registers as Employer?

Employers are encourage to register online, job posting and resume data access are FREE of cost.

How to subscriber DrJobs using SMS short code?

Jobseekers may register to DrJobs using the SMS short code as below, subscriber will start receiving SMS for daily jobs update.

What will happen to my CV if I unsubscribe to DrJobs services?

Your CV will be hidden from the employers and your chance of getting hired will not happened, most jobseekers stayed on the service until they got a job offer.

What SMS notifications I will be receiving from DrJobs?

All SMS notifications are FREE of cost, SMS content includes the jobs available based to your target jobs, along with career tips and greetings on special holidays.

I am jobseeker outside UAE or GCC, can I register and apply jobs to DrJobs?

Yes, all international jobseekers outside the UAE can register and apply jobs to DrJobs portal.

I don’t have GCC mobile number to register, how can I subscribe to DrJobs?

All international jobseekers outside the UAE or GCC can subscribe using Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit card, full service package are displayed during the registration process.