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The government of Jordan, Amman

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy. Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan and the country's economic, political and cultural center. Jordan's economy is one of the strongest in the Middle East. A country is an excellent place for investments since many investment businesses are growing fast and stable.

Bright business market

For achieving more economic development, the Jordanian government and World Bank set up Jordan's Economic Growth Plan that proposed to double economic growth between 2018-2022 by encouraging more investments, policy reforms, and economic improvement. So, Amman becomes a booming commercial and industrial hub.


What are the popular jobs in Amman?

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  • Accountant jobs in Amman
  • Online jobs in Amman Jordan
  • Customer service jobs in Amman
  • Jobs in embassies in Amman
  • Summer jobs in Amman
  • Fresh graduate jobs in Amman
  • HR jobs in Amman
  • Jobs in Amman for undergraduate
  • Graphic design jobs in Amman
  • Information technology jobs in Amman
  • Interior design jobs in Amman
  • Nursing jobs in Amman


What are the popular job industries in Amman?

   In Amman, there are many leading industries because of the continuous improvement procedures in all sectors. The country seeks to diversify the resources of the national income. One can find many prominent job industries, including:

  •  Information technology industry
  • Banking and Finance industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Teaching industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • NG's


Information Technology jobs in Amman

The IT sector is booming in Amman, as King Abdullah launched REACH 2025: Jordan's Digital Economy Action Plan which aims to increase the digital economy sector's revenue by up to 25% to 30%, add up to 130,000 to 150,000 jobs and establish about 5000 to 7000 new businesses in the digital economy. The Information Technology (IT) Manager in Jordan can earn around JOD 24,000.

Find many IT Jobs in Amman.


Teaching and Education jobs in Amman

     Jordan, Amman, has a high-quality education system. It is considered one of the best methods in the world. In Jordan, one can find a variety of national and international primary and secondary education options. All the US, British, and French systems are applied there besides bilingual Arabic- English domestic programs. There are 2787 government schools, 1493 private schools, 48 community colleges, and 19 universities.

     Amman aims to empower the teacher with the skills, experience, and support required to excel in their classrooms. The country established the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) to promote excellence in teacher's education. Fully qualified teachers in Amman, especially English teachers, are in high demand. These teachers can expect to earn around 3,410 JOD per month. Teacher Salaries range from 1,650 JOD (lowest) to 5,630 JOD (highest).

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Tourism jobs in Amman

Jordan is globally ranked among the safest places, and it has evidence of its historical roots in all aspects, including Roman ruins, cultural museums, and the ancient's landmarks, including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and more authentic places. As a result, Amman becomes the 4th most visited Arab city and the ninth highest recipient of international visitor spending. Amman, and Jordan in general, are the center of the Middle East's medical tourism. Jordan receives the most medical tourists in the region. The county's revenue from health tourism is about 1 billion USD.


Hotel and Hospitality jobs in Amman

   Consequently, the Hotels and hospitality sectors in Amman are exceptional. There are many international five-star hotels, including:

  • InterContinental AMMAN JORDAN
  • Fairmont Amman
  • Kempinski Hotel Amman Jordan
  • Movenpick Hotel Amman
  • Four Seasons Hotel Amman
  • Crowne Plaza Amman

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 Amman Airport jobs

    The main airport serving Amman is Queen Alia International Airport, situated about 30 km (18.64 mi) south of Amman. The Queen Alia International Airport is the primary international airport in Jordan and the hub for Royal Jordanian, the flag carrier.


Banking, Finance, and logistics sectors in Amman

     Many international banks have their headquarters in Amman, including Bank of Jordan, Arab Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Capital Bank of Jordan, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Jordan Ahli Bank, and more. Major logistics and transportation parks have their offices based in Amman, such as Aramex, DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

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Green Jobs

Jordan launched the National Green Growth Plan that focuses on the energy, water, waste, transportation, tourism, and agriculture to create new "green jobs" to increase economic growth in a viable manner.


Which are the widely used languages in Amman?

While Arabic is the official language of the country, English is widely spoken in business circles.


What are the working hours for jobs in Amman?

According to article 56 of the Jordanian Labor Law, the working hours shall not exceed eight per day and 48 hours per week. Friday is the weekly holiday. Banks, government offices, and most businesses are closed on Saturdays as well.


What is the salary of employees in Amman?

According to Numbeo, AMMAN – Jordan ranked 65th globally in terms of the average net salary. A person working in Jordan typically earns around 2,920 JOD per month. Salaries range from 400 JOD (lowest) to 12,900 JOD (highest). Salaries differ entirely depending on the years of experience, skills, and job industries.


What are the other benefits of getting a job in Amman?

All employees must receive guaranteed benefits included in a Jordan benefits management plan. Some of the most important benefits include paid time off for holidays, annual vacation, maternity leave, and sick leave.


For additional details on job requirements, skills, salary, and employment benefits, browse our list of latest jobs in Amman. The list includes all kinds of vacancies, including jobs for freshers in Amman, part-time jobs, walk-in interviews, and diversity of jobs in Jordan You can also find jobs in Aqaba, Jobs in Zarqa, and more jobs classified by Jordan cities Read Less

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Support the clinical management of the patients in RCRC Hospital and IMC clinics in the camp when required and as per as requested by attending physicians; Take, register and, process native X-rays, e.g. chest, bones, etc.; Keep regular stock of X-ray consumables, e.g. films and necessary chemic ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

To provide high quality anesthetic services in the hospital. To perform any other treatment required. This will be done in accordance with the Jordanian MoH policies, protocols and universal hygiene standards, and in multidisciplinary collaboration with other medical doctors, nursing services, an ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

To follow inpatients in Azraq camp hospital (including COVID-19 cases) and set the plan of treatment for the GPs to follow. Monitoring patients' conditions and progress, and re-evaluating treatments, as necessary. Toassess and treat referred patients by reviewing and understanding their medi ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

The Cybercrime Expert will be expected to do the following – or similar – tasks: Support the project needs assessment and context analysis, including supporting the design of data collection tools and stakeholder analysis. Support project design, including the development of the theo ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

NRC is looking to hire a national Monitoring and Evaluation consultant to support one of our partners in developing the MEL capacity and framework for Tamkeen, which was identified by the detailed capacity assessment of the partner. The M&E consultant will work in the framework of the ICLA progr ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Take the lead in the implementation of the current and future projects related to the coding program under the management of the Dean Assist support team in finding, onboarding, and retaining new instructional staff. Lead junior instructional staff team members, conduct weekly 1:1’s and te ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned
Experience4 Years
Salary Negotiable

monitor, update, compile and distribute daily NCG reports to submit an overall review of the previous 24 hours operation. Update HUB systems (SCL//IRS/CALMS/NMIV) to ensure all required transmissions are sent and received on time. Also ensure all necessary data is entered accurately in a timely fash ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

-To provide and follow up comprehensive nursing care activities in collaboration with the medical doctors at the inpatients treatment center of COVID-19 in Azraq camp. -To supervise and support nursing staff during the shift, and provide nursing care. -To compile the regular shift report and repor ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned
Experience2 Years
Salary Negotiable

Creating, tracking, analyzing and optimizing paid search campaigns. Gathering, classifying, organizing, and managing keywords through various tools and techniques. Maintains performance reporting and optimization tasks, which may include (keyword expansions, A/B testing, negative keyword managem ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Strong software engineering & architecture fundamentals Ability to build modular and extensible code infrastructure from scratch Object-oriented programming and design You have a do whatever it takes attitude You enjoy experimenting with ideas and are eager learning new things Provide new ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Contribute to strengthen the internal coordination among relevant units and programs directly involved in the development and revision of donor reports; Draft, review and provide quality assurance for technical donor reports, proposals, modification requests, and any other type of fundraising doc ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

You will be responsible for directing, designing and implementing major change and people transformation programs across MENA related to large-scale business/ IT transformations. You will also develop people and change management strategies and business cases with measurable objectives. In this rol ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

- Develop new skills outside of comfort zone. - Act to resolve issues which prevent the team working effectively. - Coach others, recognise their strengths, and encourage them to take ownership of their personal development. - Analyse complex ideas or proposals and build a range of meaningful recomm ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Provide technical oversight and input to the local subcontractor conducting the laboratory assessment. Design and support implementation of laboratory capacity building activities recommended by the assessment, using international and national guidelines and best practices Provide technical assi ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Communicate with and assist LMI Stakeholders over E-mail. Communicate with and assist LMI Stakeholders over the phone. Communicate with and assist Spot Locations over Whatsapp. Assist the LMI team with launching Fleet and Spot across the globe. Follow up on any lost Cash by a Fleeter or a Spot ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned
Experience2 Years
Salary Negotiable

Building test strategy to understand, test and qualify existing implementations and new changes to SAP and EDI Construct workflows and charts of dataflows Analyzes SAP data for trends, insights, accuracy Preparing and publishing test results to stakeholders Maintain user confidence and protect ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned
Experience2 Years
Salary Negotiable

Maintain and operate the lifecycle of a large-scale web-application on linux-based datacenter. Identify operational problems by observing and studying the system functionalities, integrations and performance. Troubleshoot and report any operational issue throughout the software lifecycle phases. ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Installing and configuring hardware and software components to ensure usability. Troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Upgrading the entire system to enable compatible software on all computers. Installing and upgrading anti-virus software to ensure security at the user level. Providing ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

Ensure 100% error free delivery and respond to payroll related questions or issues in a timely manner Execute weekly/bi-weekly / Monthly payroll preparation and distribution of client’s payroll in accordance with Labor Law regulations and policy of that country Serve as the primary contact ...

Posted October 22,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned
Experience2 Years
Salary Negotiable

Automate various tasks across the software life cycle phases. Create customized tools to support monitoring, scaling and orchestrating the deployments of the product. Full stack SRE engineering in terms of network, storage, software ... etc Develop support features in the platform of a web-app. ...

Posted October 21,2020 Key Skills : Not Mentioned

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