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marwa abbaoui Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

Hello , my name is Marwa Abbaoui i am a university student looking for freelance jobs specifically in writing. I am very dedicated to writing and am willing to do research and make sure that i satisfy your needs. I am a fluent in 4 langauges , English , French , Arabic and Spanish.

Christopher Onguso Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I am a passionate self-driven ghostwriter who is able to identify and complete any given solution at adhered time.With a background of customer service i am able to handle any challenge given unto me and offer solution at a specific time.I have been doing Ghost writing as a passion which turned out as a career.

Ali Bin Tahir Freelancer

4 USD / Hr

Highly experienced in Administration & Writing, with the mission of a company at the forefront of my strategies and having several years of experience with a variety of businesses, platforms, and media sources.

Ahmad Noah Freelancer

12 USD / Hr

Skilled Copywriter with good experience. Committed to producing exceptional and creative types of content, including articles, internet content, advertisements, commercials, brochures, and publications. Experienced in a variety of writing styles and determined to strive for the best.

Rana Richa Freelancer

40 USD / Hr

I have an extensive work experience in media organizations along with varied skills that give me the ability to work with different type of people and to stay aware of all the developments and events in the country and the world. I am conscientious hardworking team player with high communication and interpersonal skills. I am creative, enthusiastic and attentive. I’m fl More

Madiha Arif Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Hello! My name is Madiha Arif.My aspiration is to work for a successful organization where I will be able to deliver all the skills I have gained throughout many years. I am trustworthy and target orientated. I have the desire and initiative to work hard and effectively in a team and willing to take on the challenges posed by the industry. I am seeking a placement where I can a More


ok I will do it but tell me first what will I will write now what and why should I will taype so much first tell me who are you and then other thing I am new her on this site that's why I will start looking for job then now you tell me what is best and what is not best now good and get it started I thing so the world are completely different but you acn now​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ More

ahmed mohamed Freelancer

2 USD / Hr

i am a student with degree in skill up data science and im alreading doing free lanceringim a editor mostly i do copywriting the most any time we can work per hour 2 usd


Good in science and English teaching for students. Good in translation, love to communicate with other. Good in Time management. Able to work individually or as part of a team. Quick and accurate keyboard skills. Tolerant and flexible Problem solving Adaptability

Mohini Singh Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

Seeking my entry-level opportunity with an esteemed organization where I can utilize my skills and enhance learning in the field of work. Capable of mastering new technologies

Usama Elsayed Freelancer

5 USD / Hr

I am a flexible and experienced insurance administrator with excellent time management skills. I am a good communicator with proven inter personal skills and am used to working in a team whilst also being capable of using own initiative. I am skilled In dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and negotiating to achieve beneficial agreement. I am always enthusiastic to lea More

Nihal Abou Ouf Freelancer

50 USD / Hr

Have long experience in hotel business as marketing manager. Currently working as real estate agent in Remax company. I am looking forward to increase my income by having a part time job paid decently

Hanin Shamat Freelancer

50 USD / Hr

iam searching for a work which is remotly from anywhere with flexable time to feel free to work whereever and whenever i want with a good profit

Hager Alquady Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

I can do any task easily data entry design writing translation from english to arabic


I am a bachelor'sstudent, looking for freelancing projects. I can do content writing as well reseach projects related to my field. Projects with clear instructions without any ambiguity would be entertained.

Ahmed Mohamed Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I specialize in all types of writing including short story writing including scenarios for short films which i started when i was 6 and now am 22. Academic, essay and article writing also have been my hobby

Rana Anan Freelancer

50 USD / Hr

I've worked as a copy-editor for my University’s Magazine (Insider MIU) - Misr International University. I'm a Private English Teacher for KGs and Primary stages. I've been homeschooling for more than a year.


translation english to arabic or the opposite writing articles and blogs if needed copy books ,articles and blogs


I'm Nourhan M. Al-Sabbagh. I'm a 22-year-old senior journalism student. I speak five languages (English, Arabic, Hebrew. Spanish, and French). I worked as a journalist for about two years, then, unfortunately, they decided to take one ofthe website I worked for down fortechnical issues. I'm looking forward to finding a better job opportunity using this website. I More