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Mohammed AlMohsen Freelancer

Mohammed AlMohsen

15 USD / Hr

Video Game Tester , Irbid - Jordan

15 USD / Hr

I am a medical student with quite a creative mind, I achieve the goals I set for myself and like to face new challenges and I work excellently in a team as well as under pressure. However, I can work well enough alone but I do prefer a team. I can multitask, not to mention my ability to manage my time. I am fluent in both Arabic and English.

Ezalden Nawasreh Freelancer

Ezalden Nawasreh

5 USD / Hr

Pgt Computer Science , Jarash - Jordan

5 USD / Hr

ادرس علوم حاسوب في جامعة اليرموك حاصل على تقدير جيد جداً في تخصصي اعمل ضمن نطاق واسع في البرمجه وعلم البيانات خبره عامه في الحواسيب والبرمجة وادخال البيانات حيث انه هذا مجال خبرتي وعملي

Gameel Ragaa Rasmy Freelancer

Gameel Ragaa Rasmy

13 USD / Hr

IT Administrator , القاهرة - مصر

13 USD / Hr

Looking for upgrade my Career in the IT field and enhance my skill Also find good environment of ERP knowledge and uses my skills for great success