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Abdul kader Freelancer

4 USD / Hr

To show excellence through hard working with self-motivation. To obtain a job a suitable position in any esteem organization that offers meopportunity to career andoffers challenges to achieve set of goals. To serve in a dynamic and challenging field,here I can explore my creativity.

Omar sarr Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

I am always looking for more opportunities to grow my skills in any fields, test my skills and abilities to the limited and I like a new challenge.

Lara Kilani Freelancer

50 USD / Hr

A fast learner and very enthusiastic and motivated person. I'm a professional in the Microsoft Office tools. I have both languages of English and Arabic as excellent. I can also translate from/to English to/from Arabic. I'm very passionate about animals and helping people.


I am working in Saudi Arabia last 20 years as a Accountant/Procurement manager/ Admin manager as Coordinator. I am a experienced person which is also work in pakistan with

Asem Dwairy Freelancer

2 USD / Hr

I'm looking for opportunity to work any job remotely and require high skills of using computer, Data entry, data management, customer service and other freelance jobs. Excel Advance Comuter skills - expert


Courageous, ambitious and innovative marketer, aims to work in a loyal manner to reinforce and develop a long-term marketing plan which will enhance the company's overall marketing performance, thereby enrich his skills and abilities to acquire a high level of expertise in order to attain worthwhile achievements regardless how complicated the obstacles are.


Dynamic and innovative professional with 6+ years of invaluable hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creations, graphic design, web design, animation, and visual conceptualization. Being able to identify opportunities, overcome objections, build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with vendors and clients.

Mohamed Khaled Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

A graduate of faculty of AlAlsun Ai shams university English department . A graduate of 2018. A creative writer who has interest in creating a new world through words where the reader live in.

Pema Dorje Tamang Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

Hi, I am Pema, I'm a well-skilled and hardworking data entry operator who completes and makes every given project successful. My educational background also helps me to become a skilled data entry operator.

Ahmed Osama Freelancer

6 USD / Hr

Construction engineer living in Egypt willing to work as a freelancer in data entry or autocad drafting and willing to shift the career to supply chain planning as it's more appealing to me


I'm searching for a freelancer opportunity, preferredInformation Technology related. I'm a computer engineer with a good experience in Systems, networks, and IT security.


My name is ahmed osama maher, Iam 24 years old, I live in helwan city, I graduated from faculty of computers and information MTI university, department computer science. Graduation year 2020 with final grade very good. My graduation project speaks about a pink boat which is a medical application for cance​​​​​​​r detection and treatment. My grade of graduation project Excellen More


ادخال البيانات و سرعه الكتابه و المقدرة على البحث على الانترنت و تسويق الكتروني العمل بجهد العمل بوقت جزئي فقط تصميم


مرحبا.... اسمي عبد الرحمن عمري 20 سنة، اعمل مدخل بيانات منذ سنة، سريع بالكتابة على الكيبورد بالعربي والانكليزي، خبرة على برامج الاوفيس word, excel, power point More


أم لأربعة أبناء.. أخذتني حياتي الزوجية عنالتفكير بالعمل لكن الان أصبح الوقت المناسب لاثبات أنني لازلت على قدر كافي من تحمل مسؤولية العمل اغلب ممارساتي كانت تطوعية بالهلال الأحمر الفلسطيني و إتحاد لجان المرأة الغلسطينية عملت سابقا مندوبة مبيعات في شركة جوال للإتصالات الفلسطينية More


بحب الشغل واحترم الاصدقاء اقدر افراد العمل الثقة والامانة بفضل الله الروح العمل احبها ومشاركة العمل الجماعي الخيري احترام المسئوليات العمل والتزام التعليمات العمل من القائد


الاسم: احمد محمد عبدالعاطى احمد السن: 23 سنة الجنسية: مصرى المهنة: مهندس زراعى خريج كلية الزراعة جامعة القاهرة


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اخي الكريم ارجو ان تكون سعيدا فانا هنا لخدمتك في اي وقت لا تتردد في التواصل معي لكي نبدا العمل معا هيا ماذا تنتظر محبك زياد الشرفا


Creative, inquisitive, searcher and fast learner in Data Entry,web developeing and almost any ITfield. My Bachelor degree in tech field make me flexible to work in fast speed environment, creative problem Solver and Able to apply customer service concepts to IT to improve user experience.