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Find and Hire Fact Checking Experts

Browse 9 Fact Checking Freelancer Experts Online
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Shahid Qureshi Freelancer

40 USD / Hr

An experienced copy editor who has edited a wide varietyof research papers, case studies, a newsletter and other materials. Currently working with the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

marwa abbaoui Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

Hello , my name is Marwa Abbaoui i am a university student looking for freelance jobs specifically in writing. I am very dedicated to writing and am willing to do research and make sure that i satisfy your needs. I am a fluent in 4 langauges , English , French , Arabic and Spanish.

Christopher Onguso Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I am a passionate self-driven ghostwriter who is able to identify and complete any given solution at adhered time.With a background of customer service i am able to handle any challenge given unto me and offer solution at a specific time.I have been doing Ghost writing as a passion which turned out as a career.

Ahmad Noah Freelancer

12 USD / Hr

Skilled Copywriter with good experience. Committed to producing exceptional and creative types of content, including articles, internet content, advertisements, commercials, brochures, and publications. Experienced in a variety of writing styles and determined to strive for the best.

Farida gad Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

I am writing this application to apply for the post of editorial writings and many more types of writing. With my experience in writings and my imagination i believe the i'm fit for a job like this .

Nidaa Qaqurah Freelancer

8 USD / Hr

A recentEnglish language and literature graduate with an average of 95.0 from Yarmouk University. I have a keen eye for small details due to taking many small proofreading and editing projects while I was still a student. I have exceptional organization skills and have always been very punctual. I enjoy learning new skills and have always been enthusiastic to develop and become better.


انا اسمي عبد الرحمن صبري صبري مصري الجنسيه عمري ٢٧ عام مطلع ومهتم بالقراءه والعلوم التطبيقيه املك مهاره الكتابه الابداعيه والبحث العلمي مؤلف كتاب ٧٩٪ في علم النفس .