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Khushbakht Ilyas Freelancer

101 USD / Hr

Degree: Did my matriculation securing 92% in 2018 Did my intermediate securing 82% in 2020 Currently I'm doing BS bioinformatics 5th semester from comsats university Islamabad

Jeresa Opinia Freelancer

100 USD / Hr

Former: college math Instructor, laboratory high school teacher, kindergarten 1&2 teacher, At present primary school teacher

Milad Makram Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

My name is Milad Makram Arian, and I have a BA in Mathematics from the Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University. I was and still am the librarian of the monastery of Saint mina in Mariout in Alexandria

Anthony Arhin Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

An experience man along with comparable qualifications of working to the highest standard. A man who want to exhibit his previous experience to impact generation. I am Excellent and English Tutor with 6 years experience in teaching. I will teach you from basic to become fluent in English. Practical in teaching.

Shaimaa Azzam Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

Pharmacology tutoring. Data entery. Data analysis. Sales managment. Good communication skills. Active working

Abdullah Ansari Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

As a physics and mathematics teacher from twenty plus years I'm highly experienced to find real causes of learning difficulties and deficits. I'm a trained counsellor also. One of my pg degree qualifications is in education with special component on counselling psychology. I'm already providing counselling services in India as a freelance counselor. I and my spouse More

Heleen Pretorius Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I am a dedicated and proffesional educator who have assisted many adults and children to develop educational skills in terms of reading, writing and speaking English. As a qualified teacher and educator I always put the needs of my students first and find great joy in the accomplishements of my students. I am patient, friendly and a person with excellent understanding and knowl More

Saba Siddiqui Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I worked at Superior School System as an Academic Monitor and Faculty Evaluation Assistant. Where I supervised all primary and secondary teachers' staff. I checked their daily lesson planners as well as their lesson planning thoroughly. Moreover kept a full record of their teaching after evaluating students. I conducted meetings with teachers if there is a need in order to More

Mohamed Diaa Aboushady Freelancer

750 USD / Hr

Physics teaching is an attractive field but it needs : A good marketing Merging technology with teaching programs Changing our vision about it.

Maged Abdalla Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

اعمل في الكويت منذ عام ٢٠١٢ ولدي خبر ممتازة في تصميمات الجرافيك والمطبوعات الورقية ولدي دبلوم في الجرافيك ديزاين من معهد career college USA واجادة استخدام برامج الجرافيك photoshop وillustrator وInDesign ومهاراتي ممتازة في الطباعة والإخراج والتنسيق وإدخال البيانات والتدقيق اللغوي واجادة العمل باحترافية على مختلف برامج مايكروسوفت اوفيس More

Abdelmonim Khireldin Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

اسمي عبد المنعم محمد محمد عبد المنعم خير الدين حاصل على بكالوريوس ف العلوم قسم الميكرو بيولوجي خاص بتقدير عام مقبول لسنه ٢٠ ٢٠ كنت أعمل أثناء دراستي ف مجال التسويق والتدريس


ان اعمل ولدى القدره على اى عمل وارغب بعمل بالوقت السريع لدى الكثير من الخبرات بالعمل لدى كفاءة عالية بالعمل اتمنى ان تختارونى بأن احصل ع عمل سوف اكون مثابرة


My name is Sondos Muhammad and I study mathematics at the university and I chose this field in the hope of making a change and progress in the educational system so that I make students love learning, especially learning the most hated subjects by students such as mathematics. I seek to find the distinct skill of each student and use it to communicate information in the best way to him

Aya El Azony Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

العلماء ورثة الانبياء حاصلة على ليسانس لغه عربيه بجامعه العاشر من رمضان تقدير جيد جدا مرتفع حاصله على Icdl teacher حاصله على دبلومة التربوي جامعه الزقازيق بالتربيه والتعليم لزياده التاهل حاصله على كورسات تنميه بشريه أجيد اللغه الانجليزيه حامله لكتاب الله واقوم بدور محفظ مع بعض التفاسير أثناء الحفظ حاصله على كورس في النحو بتقدير امتياز More


Arabic teacher for 16 years for all years group Also I teach Arabic for non speaker


Niddal Imam has just passed his PhD Viva (subject to minor corrections) from The University of York Department of Computer Science. His research area of interest is focusing on the intersection between security and Machine Learning. His current project is focusing on designing adversary-aware, ML-based detectors of Twitter spam. Methods and techniques used in his research are b More