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Aysheh Rababa Freelancer

Aysheh Rababa

50 USD / Hr

English Editor , Jubayhah - Jordan

50 USD / Hr

Master in linguistics bachelor in English literature Diploma in TESOL 14 years experience in teaching English at schools, college and institute translation of documents from Arabic to English and vise versa writing researches and Thesis and editing them

Olalekan Afolabi Freelancer

Olalekan Afolabi

10 USD / Hr

Data Entry Operator , Lagos - Nigeria

10 USD / Hr

An experienced, dedicated and versatile freelancer with experience in data entry, Microsoft office, search engine optimization, customer care and relations, digital marketing, social media optimization, E- commerce, graphics and logo designs, web research, proof reading.

Al Miqdad Al Tahir Freelancer

Al Miqdad Al Tahir

5 USD / Hr

Data Entry Clerk , Doha - Qatar

5 USD / Hr

My name is Almiqdad Ali, I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently a college student. As a first time, I'm willing to offer my services to my clients for totally free!. I'm always looking for opportunities to increase my experience and knowledge. I am very experienced with handeling Microsoft Office tools. My English skills, Computer skil More

Ahmed Abu Dyak Freelancer

Ahmed Abu Dyak

7 USD / Hr

Data Entry Clerk , Amman - Jordan

7 USD / Hr

A fresh graduate from Isra’a University in Accounting specialization, I desire to obtain an entry-level accounting position; that will enable me to creatively showcase my talent while adapting new skills and processes needed to advance within my chosen career path. My internship at Nashat Al Qurashi for Finance and Tax Consultation also affor More

Seyadh Albukhari Freelancer

Seyadh Albukhari

2 USD / Hr

Lead Generation , Amman - Jordan

2 USD / Hr

I am seeking for a freelancer job, to develop my skills, gain new opportunities and to take new adventures. I am a great worker, love the competition in the work trying to achieve the best for the company.

Mohammed Malik Freelancer

Mohammed Malik

10 USD / Hr

Data Entry Assistant , Chitkan - Pakistan

10 USD / Hr

I have got a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. For the past many years, I have been part of the Digital Marketing Industry as a Quality Automation Engineer. My primary role as an Automation Engineer was to bring out the best of every client's business to reach its full potential. I have automated tons of workflows for many companies

هاجر احمد Freelancer

هاجر احمد

5 USD / Hr

مدخل بيانات , السويس - مصر

5 USD / Hr

حاصلة على بكالوريوس حاسبات ومعلومات بتقدير عام جيد جدا عام 2015 من اكادمية الشروق -خاصلة على دورة ic3 و دورة web design trainer و دورة ccna

Tharwat Morgan Freelancer

Tharwat Morgan

50 USD / Hr

اخصائي برامج آليه , القاهرة - مصر

50 USD / Hr

اجيد استخدام ميكروسوفت اوفيس ٢٠١٦ تنظيم البيانات واستخلاص البيانات الاهتمام بالتنسيق المناسب وسرعة الاداء -تقديم التقارير والتنسيق للبيانات باستخدام ميكروسوفت وورد - وتنسيق الجداول والبيانات بإستخدام ميكروسوفت أكسيل- وتقديم العروض التقديمية باستخدام بوربوينت- إرسال الايميل والرد عليها ومتابعتها More