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I am a hard working, fast learner, self motivated and ambitious girl. I can work under pressure and I want to learn new skills to increase my knowledge. My objective is to seek challenging assignments, with an opportunity for growth where I will be able to prove my potential in my career as well as for the organization's interest & development. In addition I am a quick More

Mohamed Zaki Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I am front end web developer. I have industry experience in building responsive websites with HTML5, CSS3, javascript, Bootstrap using React.js framework and using git as version control.


I'm a web developer who is passionate about coding, worked as React.js Web Developer. I have built different websites with different Frameworks and technologies such as: React.js, Next.js, HTML5 & CSS3 & JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Fully responsive. Fast Performance and great SEO. I will be happy to help you convert your design to a live website. More

karim Ahmed Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

Front-end developer with 2+ years experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance, and Implementation of large scale Business Web-based platform. Aspiring to combine broad background with strong technical skills to excel as a Front-End Developer.

Ali Hatem Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

I'm Computer Science Student, interested in some CS branches like programming and web development. aims to Be a software engineer, I have a good knowledge of HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and C++.


صمم موقعك بطريقة احترافية والتنفيذ باعلى دقة ممكنة وفى اسرع وقت الاننا نعلم جيدا ان الوقت غالى لا يكمن اهدارة ولا تقلق بخصوص السعر يمكن ان نناقش هذا وسوف تحصل على ماتريدة فلا داعى للقلق


I'm a fresh graduate Electrical Engineer (Computer & Control) full of enthusiasm and have the ambition and spirit to make a difference in my career. And also, a dynamic and creative freelance writer with 3+ years of experience in academic writing. Currently, I'm ready to apply my technical skills and knowledge to shorten the gap between theoretical study & the r More


I have 6 years of experience in Frontend Development andcurrently I work in Dubai. Creativity, Studying, Patience and deal with project as my own,these are my keywords.


Bachelor of Engineering Graduation 2018 Major in Computer engineering with degree C network engineering&Web Developer


انا مختص تصميم واجهات امامية واعمل في عدة مجالات مثل المونتاج والمطبوعات والشعارات والهويات البصرية والكروت الخاصة بالمتاجر والمحلات ولدي خبرة في html +ilstretor+premer+animat+css+bootstrap+photoshop+word+powerpoint+Excel